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MP3 player question...any comments, please???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chayelle, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. We would like an mp3 player that has a good sized screen, easy scrolling, and good sound.

    We will be downloading bird calls and want to connect an external speaker. Therefore we will need good quality sound.

    As we have never used one of these we don't want to have to buy one to find out it is not what we are needing...

    Also, how is the flash memory compared to the harddrive memory?
    Are there advantages of one over the other, etc?

    Anyone have any help in this selection?
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  2. Shizelbs


    Jul 14, 2007
    In my experience the Zune has the best sound quality, certainly better than any iPod I've listened to. It has a much better headphone amp.
  3. IRiver and Creative also make some very nice players.

    Flash drive players contain no moving parts and are normally smaller in size than harddrive players.
  4. tgrove


    Apr 6, 2008
    jupiter florida
    couldnt have said it better myself.

    I have two of them and love both .
  5. Cowon

    I have found that the Korean company Cowon makes excellent players that are relatively cheap. I haven't bought one for a year or two, but the 1 Gb flash player I bought for $50 a couple of years ago is still going strong. Seems like the Cowon D2 would fit your bill. I don't know how much it is or how much you have to spend. One of their other players might work well too.
  6. dzejms


    Feb 10, 2008
    I found Sony players have a really good quality sound comparing same mp3 with Creative and iPod.
  7. Shizelbs, Scorpio1, tgrove, onefear and dzejms...
    thank you all for replying...the Sony is the only one I have not looked at on the web yet.
    I will do that after I post this...

    Question...I will need to place the list of the individual bird calls into the unit so I can pull up the call as needed...
    Is this something I can do on these mp3 players? I have not even held one of these units, therefore I am not certain just how they operate.
    On a computer I could set this up quite easily, but am not sure how these little fellas really work (?)
  8. Sounds as if you will be broadcasting these bird calls over external speakers to actually call the birds. Each of these players acts effectively as a disk drive, so you will transfer the bird call mp3 files from a computer (or the web) to the device itself.

    Each mp3 file has both a file name and an ID tag. The file name is the title of the file on the computer (like a Microsoft Word document). The ID tag contains all sorts of information about the file -- in the case of music often artist, album, genre, date, etc.

    There are small, free programs that let you edit these ID tags, and most players that I am familiar with let you customize the way that the file information is displayed on the screen of device.
  9. Thanks Clay...
    this is exactly what I was wanting to know.
    I am able to customize how I want the screen to provide information so I am able to pick which call I want to hear...
    I was not certain whether I download my info from 'puter, or need to use a program to help in this process. Being able to pull up bird calls by name and info on tags will be most helpful...
    thanks...now to go and try to find an mp3 player that will do the job!

    I need to have one that will have enough power to use small external speakers...and be rugged, able to stand up to lots of movement.
    (but then maybe that is the nature of these things)
    I think the flash memory is supposed to be good, as there are no moving parts, as opposed to a harddrive...
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