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Mrs. Pileated...

Discussion in 'Birds' started by kramp, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Okay last one, she was at the feeder again this morning so I snapped a bunch through the window again, hand held braced on cupboard, iso 800 1/30 sec. 300 f4 afs + keno pro 300 DG wide open, vertical crop.


  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Another amazing shot Martin. I'm so jealous. :smile:
  3. great, i am going in search of one of these now. these are too good!
  4. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    Great shot...
  5. very nice Martin :smile:
  6. Very nice Martin!. I like this one much better than the first group you posted. Were you able to get any of her on a perch/tree, but away from any feeders?

  7. Thanks!

    Tim: I have a few away from the feeder but there not that good I am still working on it I need to build a new woodpecker feeder log and capture here in a more natural looking environment.

  8. Me too Martin. Looking at the wonderful images at your website, and your suggestion for the perch with peanut butter stuff in holes, has me wanting to upgrade my setup to attract more species. Right now I have seed, water and hummingbird feeders, but nothing for woodpeckers or wrens. Seeing your great shots of the Bewick's Wren made me realize that I need to add to my setup. Thanks for that tip. :smile:

    Isn's this constant rain depressing! :eek: 

  9. The peanut stick will make a big difference with the shyer birds especially combined with the blind.

    I know, we have had breaks in the weather but this morning its very dark and raining there was a Sharp-Shinned Hawk on the peanut stick this morning and at 800 iso shutter speed was 2.5 seconds so it didn't come out very good.:frown:

  10. Was the Sharpy there for the peanut butter, or just because that's where it landed? Could you send me a photo of your peanut stick?


  11. That's were he landed, must have missed the bird he was going for, I had my back turned to the window so I didn't see him come in, saw him come in yesterday, pretty agile did a five foot diameter loop at the end of the dive trying to grab one of the scattering birds I had the camera in hand watching but no chance for pictures.

    No pictures of the peanut stick but I will describe what I do, I find a stick with good texture and medium colored about 3/4" diameter, L shaped or T shaped branches work well.

    I drill holes about 1-1/2" apart but not to close to the ends, the size of the hole should match the peanut you want the peanut to go in tight so they only can take pieces off and not grab the whole peanut.

    You can place the wholes towards the back so they don't show or on the front were they can be cloned out straight up they are harder to clone, I think towards the back works best.

    Now with the peanuts towards the back they will be eating with the buts towards you but when there eating doesn't make a good picture anyways and every once in a while they will turn around to look around and pose and that seems to be the best time to get the picture, also if there is a high point on the stick they will land there before going for the peanuts and that is another good time for the picture.

    Hanging a suet block of the end of the stick helps also to get them attracted to the stick.

    Walnuts also work well and are like more than peanuts.

    For the Woodpeckers I use 3/4" hole about 3" deep and stuff it with a peanut mixture of sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn meal and walnuts, I use smaller log for the small woodies but a bigger log will be needed to attract the Pileated or flickers.

    The Flickers and Pileated are pretty shy so I think I blind will make a big difference to get close but the Dowy's and Hairy's I can just sit in a lawn chair about eight feet away.

  12. Martin, very nice shot!! I've chased these guys around in the woods without much success. Thanks for all the feeder tips.
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