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  1. Using my SU800 to control two SB800's in a softbox and one SB800 in an octobox and yet another SB600 as a hair light proved to be easy. Adjusting the light levels on camera was very helpful, especially since the two SB800's were enclosed in a large softbox and would have been very difficult to set otherwise.

    Model was a teenager in my neighborhood:

  2. Nikon's CLS Questions

    These shots (including your other posting) look great. I was thinking of trying to do some portraits of my granddaughter.

    I am looking to buy an SU-4 to fire my SB-28 from the built in flash on my D200 and also using the SB-800 I recently bought. I am trying to sneak up on this capability slowly i.e. invest as little as possible to see if I continue to have an interest... Maybe later I will buy an SU-800 and possibly another SB-600 / 800.

    Are there any web pages that talk about the use of Nikon's Creative Lighting system with these older tools? I started to read but found it much more broadly focused on all types of equipment.

    Have been following Uncle Frank's tutorial (lesson L102: Unit 1.1 - the first assignment) and am looking forward to the next lesson.

    I have an SU-4 on order, but it seems to be in short supply? Do you know where they actually have some in stock?

    Sorry for all the questions!:confused:
  3. Thanks Gordon!
  4. Sorry to disappoint, Dan, but my thread about the first lesson turned into a brewhaha, and I've been reluctant to start another. But that doesn't mean I'm not devouring every issue of the Strobist. It's great stuff!
  5. Thanks for the heads up Frank. I was going to give you a special award if you successfully managed that group!

    Thanks for trying!
  6. paradiddle


    Jun 1, 2007
    Gordon - awesome picture. I bought a light stand and umbrella this afternoon. I only have 1 sb600 and the flip up flash. This is my first attempt. I can't wait til I get the $ together for a couple more flashes.

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  7. Your off to an excellent start Gary. Keep it up.
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