Musical season has started

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  1. Some of you know that I have a regular assignment each year, doing all kinds of shots for an open air musical stage. This year they will give "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" - a family musical so to say.

    All shot with D3

    I start off with a snap shot of "The Boss" (85/1.4)


    The leading female role getting acquainted with the stage decoration (28/1.4)


    Both leading actors having a good time (85/1.4)


    Joseph in his dreamcoat (or should I say "Dervish" :smile:), there was a bit of PS involved ... - that's one of the promotion photos (28/1.4)


    Family photo - trimmed for a slightly older look. This or the original will be blown up to about 4X2m and will be integrated in the stage decoration (85/1.4)


    More to come as soon as the rehearsals with full stage light have started (in about one week). Now that I have a D3 there are no more excuses - any bad pics will be credited to me instead of the equipment.

  2. Harry
    you know how much i love theater... and shooting it
    STELLAR work... of course

    the "family photo" just excellent
  3. Well done you. Love the last one.

    Bob F.
  4. Wonderful!! I especially like the promotion and family photo. I look forward to more as the season progresses.
  5. Thanks Greg, Bob and Crystall!

    Here is another snap shot, showing the choreographer working hard :biggrin:

    But it seems impossible to have even a short nap without someone watching.
    AFS 28-70/2.8, ISO 1600