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MX lenses leaked / hint?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by italy74, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Taken from Nikonrumors:

    "So i DID WRITE ALL THE BOXES. I can make mabe a picture next wheek when I am on the night work schedule, not now. So you will belief me 
So here is all 6 six boxes:
    AF-S MX Nikkor 24 f4.0G
    AF-S MX Nikkor 45 f2.8G
    AF-S MX NIkkor 85 f2.8G
    AF-S MX Nikkor 135 f2.0G ED
    AF-S MX Nikkor 200 F2.8G ED
    AF-S MX Nikkor 65-180 f2.8G ED IF

    Assuming the 80mm MX = 50mm FX it should be:

    24 => 15 mm FF
    45 => 28 mm FF
    85 => 53 mm FF
    135 => 85 mm FF
    200 => 125 mm FF
    65-180 => 40-112 mm FF
  2. and so what exackery is a MX lens?
  3. Medium format?
  4. hallkc


    Apr 1, 2008
    French Camp, CA
  5. Hi guys
    none of you has noted what's going on also on other forums? It looks like an astounding 40 MP MF camera from Nikon is ready to come out / to be leaked and then officially announced on next year at WPPA meeting in Las Vegas. It's about two weeks and half that are circulating rumors and some real leaks too (from a manual talking of resolution 6400 x 6400 square format) you can find more on nikonrumors and other photographic sites.
  6. rvink


    Mar 21, 2006
    New Zealand
    It would be nice it it was based on the defunct Pentax 645 digital. The Pentax 645 is a fine camera system but it's a dead end without a digital option.
  7. by the way an italian site (probably mistyping) supposed an even 48 (not 40) MP camera..
  8. The 200mm f/2.8 looks interesting, especially if it works well on DX format. Could be a cheaper alternative to the 70-200 and a much cheaper alternative to the 200 f/2.
  9. Hi guys
    even if most of what it's written here comes from Nikonrumors, this is what they hypotize:

    1) medium format new MX camera with a squared 48mm sensor and three cuts for pictures: square, portrait, landscape.
    2) 48 MP (I guess it's a mistyping since other leaks of the manual reported about 6400x6400 pixels which is exactly 40 MP)
    3) less expensive than Hasselblad
    4) with a size/pixel ratio unchanged (that is large photosites as on D3 maybe?)
    5) will be launched at next WPPI, in 2009 but it's probably we'll know almost everything for that date. Leaks are expected at Photokina.

    The most interesting leak actually is this:
  10. 40 Mp............You'll need a new hard drive every week to keep up with those files!
  11. SMH77


    Feb 11, 2006
    No kidding! ...and no thanks! I just can't get what all the hype is over having a 24 MP D3x/D4, 21 MP 5D mkII, or a 40 MP MX Nikon.

    Someone wanna run the numbers for me: If I shoot 2200 image at a wedding with my D3's, and end up with somewhere between 30 GB of RAW data, how much data would that be with any of the above?

    12 MP is almost too much to begin with for what I shoot. Now, I understand those who shoot landscape wanting more, but why do we *need* more for people? :confused: 

    I guess I'm just ignorant.

    With all the above said, I am VERY interested to learn more about what MX may hold and where Nikon is headed. :biggrin: I am, honestly...

  12. rvink


    Mar 21, 2006
    New Zealand
    Maybe that's the new D4 :smile:
  13. Me either!! I just *love* my D3 and don't see anything else that I could need for a few generations to come.
  14. Awesome! I'd rock that if I could afford the setup and HD's! :smile:
  15. Dude, they just need to release a D3X. Some shooters need a high MP DSLR, not a medium format. What jerks! :tongue:
  16. revoke99


    Jul 26, 2008
    Marina Del Rey
    Maybe the MX means these batch of lenses were made in mexico..:tongue:
  17. here we go again
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