My 2012's 52 week project....

May 16, 2006
In 2011 I did a 12 month project on equipment and using my PS, which “kept me in the game”. So for next year I’m going to up my game to a 52 week project. I now “semi-retired” working 3 hours a week and will have significant time to devote to the hobby.

Besides two video projects, I’ll be working on project D200 & the super zoom a $500 kit. I haven’t bought any lenses in 5 years as I really have pretty good glass and don’t need any more. Thought I’d try the D200 and a super zoom for my “in the car kit”. I normally don’t like to keep anything in my car, but with the prices of used D200’s being so low, well it’s not that big of risk now. Since I don’t need or want a super zoom but I want to do a 52 week project ,which means I want a kit I can just leave in the car and not worry. I set my “disposable” budget at $150 and started researching older super zooms. After looking on flicker and searching a lot on the web, I have settled on the 28-300 sigma DL . I’ve seen enough web sized stuff to know that in the hands of an experienced photographer with a little help from CS, the images look pretty good. If I like this setup, I will starting thinking about the Nikon 28-300.

I decided on sigma 28 300 lens DL F3.5-6.3 Aspherical . This lens has been selling between $188 and $210 on Ebay, but I found a 9+ one on BH for $144. This was a lens designed for full frame and as such the DX will use only a portion of the lens to form the image and I think that will help with image quality.

There are many options for software and that is something that is a bit of a variable in my experiment.

Here’s what I am hoping to investigate with this little test. That a DX can use a super zoom and exceed what my 14 meg. PS can produce. Additionally, I want to see if the use of the new noise tools in ACR will help use higher ISO on the D200 to reduce camera shake and produce what I consider reasonable images.

My comparison lenses will be Nikkors: 12-24, 24-85 D, 80-200 2r, and 300 AFS and Tamron 90.

Additionally as a secondary test, I plan on using the Canon 500D and KenKoPro 1.4 with this setup. This will be to explore an inexpensive growth path for such a kit. I’ll use using an set of 3001 Manfrotto legs and a 488RC ball head. You could probably find these items used for less than $100 each. Additionally I’ll use a monopod to see if it provides similar benefits that I find when using it with my 300 AFS.

Originally I was going to use my D7000 for the test, but I thought the concept of using both a reasonably inexpensive body and lens would be a more interesting test given our economic times.

This years 12 month thread is listed in my sig.
Aug 23, 2007
El Cajon, CA
Have fun. I did participate in Chris101's Oktoberfest, used only one camera/lens combo. To really torture myself I used my Leica M2 with the Nokton35/1.4. It was fun, but I don't think I'll do much like that until next October.

good luck.

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