My 3 favorite girls.

Discussion in 'People' started by Tully, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. I had a chance to do some shooting today towards sunset. The intent was to get one of just my wife and I (which I did) but I think that this one was my favorite.

    I'd be happy to hear of ways that you think that I could improve it. Too much highlight? Tighter crop?

  2. nice looking folks
    as for improvement
    i like the OOF areas above the people
    but... it's too bright up there
    either i'd crop that off... or do some selective DARKENING
    we can play with the image a bit, if you like

    do you have a BIGGER VERSION we can use?
  3. i can show you another crop
    but, ONLY if you would allow
  4. I've replaced the original image with on darker on the top.

    Sure show me your idea for a crop.
  5. thanks...
    just a bit of quick work
    some 25% shadows and highlights to give their hair more "light"
    a bit of sharpening.... USM at 80/0.8/3
    color balance fiddling

  6. i do like your "fix"
    i hope you don't mind that i posted mine

    the most important thing....
    i just wanted the people to have an increased STARING role in YOUR image
  7. Yes, I do think that I like your crop. Thanks for posting it!
  8. paulskimcb


    Feb 12, 2007
    great pic here; you've captured a great moment (and it's next to impossible to get three people looking this happy at the same time...).

    And Spalding's crop kicks a**!
  9. It's a wonderful picture, Erik. You're surrounded by beauty, and it's clear they adore you, you lucky fellow. I wouldn't change a thing except for the crop. The 4x6 aspect ratio shows too much of the background at the top, and a slightly awkward view up the ladies' shorts at the bottom :redface:. But cropping for 8x10 solves both nicely.

  10. Thanks everyone. We were having a lovely day at the park, which made it easier to be happy.

    I do indeed like the 8x10 crop, Frank.