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My all time favorite BIF shot

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Randy, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. I rarely print anything but this one now hangs in my office as a 16x20....she opened those wings at the perfect time, letting the sun light her up (this is almost full frame at 420mm)

  2. Dave


    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    Awesome Randy...I'd print it out at 16x20 too! :biggrin:
  3. And well you should have printed this one, extremely nice shot. I just love it when you can catch something like this. I'm sure it looks great on your wall.. Well done.
  4. I have been impressed by the excellent exposure that you are getting on these birds, expecially under the wings. Please share your technique for getting this.
    Jerry Green
  5. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    Super Sharp!!!!
  6. That is indeed a keeper. Very nice.
  7. thx Jerry
    i used to shoot these in RAW and underexpose some and then recover light in PP but lately (this shot included I think) I am back to shooting jpgs in aperture priority, usually f7 and I push ISO on the d300 up to 1000 to get a ss of at least 1/800. At 6:45am i need the higher iso but by 7:15 iso 640 is fine to get 1/800. I usually have ev set to -.3 but I am a neurotic histogram checker so i go back to ev=0 and ev=-.7 also, and if the sun is in my face i will go to +.3 or + .7. I chk the histogram so often I just got a pair of bi-focals so I don't have to chg glasses. You can get glasses made so that your reading lenses are only on the bottom inside 1/2 of the lens....as strange as it may sound this simple change has really improved my pics and will someday save my skull from getting hit with a baseball (i used to chg glasses after every 5-6 shots to chk the histogram and the faces and when I did this I was not watching the ball)
  8. thx Dave

    thx Louie

    thx Steve

    thx Maji
  9. cre8foru


    Dec 1, 2007
    Atlanta GA
    You post shots all the time on here I would print. This is just one of many. Also thanks for the info on the reading glasses. I have been having the same problem. May take your advice there as well.
  10. Hi Randy,

    That is a great shot, it certainly deserved to be printed.

    Hope to see you again at MI-VI in 2009,
    Bob & Nan
  11. Randy,
    they don't get any better than that one

  12. They sure don't!
  13. Yep, one of my favs too :smile:
  14. Randy I am glad this one is hanging on your wall. Very nice capture as always. You really do get that great buttery light and it shows. Well done.
  15. russowl


    Jun 9, 2008
    That has to be absolutely beautiful ,,, waiting for the day I get one to do that with
  16. Great shot Randy. Ospreys are fun to shoot. I've been shooting ospreys all week, I have 3 nests in my area, got to get them posted soon!
  17. thx everybody !
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