My appartment with available light !

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  1. Lighting: no flash, only the 60W. lamps that were available !

    Fuji S2 Pro and Sigma 12-24 @ 12mm. - 1/8" @ f/4.5 - ISO 100 - RAW

    Fuji S2 Pro and Sigma 12-24 @ 12mm. - 1/3" @ f/6.7 - ISO 100 - RAW
    View attachment 9451

    Fuji S2 Pro and Sigma 12-24 @ 12mm. - 1/10" @ f/8 - ISO 100 - RAW
    View attachment 9452

    This 12-24 is a GEM !!! I love it for that kind of shooting !
  2. Wow Jean Pierre - I'm impressed with what the Sigma can do...I didn't realize it's capabilities and at IS0 100 yet! Could you share what you did for post processing? Did you use a flash? Certainly a tripod with those shutter speeds. Anxious to try some interiors now with the D70 and the Sigma 12-24


    p.s. nice apartment...who keeps it so clean? I have 3 teenage sons who present a challenge in maintaining a clean household.

  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    These are great images. You do such good work.

    Love the modern furniture and your apartment set up. Very attractive.

    Thank You for sharing.
  4. Jean-Pierre you have a very nice place, in the entrance on the walls are those your photos?
  5. NICE APARTMENT!! Very modern looking!! Thanks for sharing images of your home with the Cafe!! :D :D :D :D
  6. Hi Alain ! Thanks for looking ! Yes, as she decided to hang her sister's paintings in the living-room, my wife eventually convinced me to hang some of my pics in the entrance hall :oops: !
  7. Hi Bohdan ! Here's my usual workflow:
    1- shoot RAW
    2- convert as a *.TIF with the Fuji EX converter
    3- open PS, clean the dust-spots and clone out unwanted things
    4- play with Shadows/Highlight
    5- if needed, some Hue/Saturation
    6- USM, usually Amount 500, Radius 0.5, Threshold 0.3
    7- if needed, USM Amount 20, Radius 10>50, Threshold 0.3 (to add some edge contrast)
    8- resize for printing A3+ at 220 ppi
    9- save as *.PSD under another name
    10- still using the *.TIF, resize for Web use
    11- USM usually around Amount 200, Radius 0.2, Threshold 0
    12- save as *.JPG

    No, i didn't use flash, as i don't know how i could "master" the light in there conditions... Yes i used a Feisol carbon fiber (very cheap but very sturdy) for these shots !

    Fortunatly (in some ways), we don't have kids at home anymore, so it's not a problem to keep it tidy... but you should see the "spare bedroom"..., that's where my wife keeps -well, in fact: THROW- her clothes :shock: !

    Hope this helps ?
  8. Terri French

    Terri French

    May 5, 2005
    These are neat pictures

    Have you done any landscapes with this lens. I would love to see what it can do outdoors. Your indoor results are very impressive. By the way, nice apartment.
  9. Are those your pictures hanging in the "entrance" shot? I really like your apartment, very nice sense of style. I hope to someday own an apartment or house with such a nicely furnished interior. By the way, great shots!
  10. twig


    May 23, 2005
    I saw your lovely pics way back in the day when I was pondering which 12-24 to buy, and they really helped my decision for the Sigma.

    For people thinking about wide lenses, look at the distortion present in his pictures, it is very significant.
    Ooops, maybe I mean lack of distortion?

    Point being, sigma rocks for architectural stuff, cannot wait to see how their 10-20DC lens performs.

    Terri, while I am not as accomplished as JP, I will try to take some landscapes for you this weekend if I can. The Sigma performs quite well when stopped down to f/8-11-16, and responds quite well to USM too. In my opinion the lens does not quite rip with contrast like Nikon lenses, it has a tiny touch of a Sigma-cast, but quite good nonetheless.

    I used it indoors in a situation like this with hand-holding and bounce flash and had nice results.
  11. Re: These are neat pictures

    Hi Terri ! Yes, the Sigma is great also for landscapes, though it doesn't show it's best quality versus the Nikkor, wich is the the almost total lack of distortion ! IMO, it also has less CA than the Nikkor...

    Here's some landscapes:

    Right in front of my appartment - F:12 mm. - 1:250 @ f/9.5

    After the harvest (Geneva's countryside) - F:12 mm. - 1:180 @ f/8

    Pumkins ? (Geneva's countryside) - F:14 mm. 1:125 @ f/9.5

    Snow melting (mountain lake in France) - F:12 mm. - 1:180 @ f/8

    Vineyards over the lake (Neuchatel, Switzerland) - F:12 mm. - 1:60 @ f/8
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