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My CS2 is unable to open TIFF images

Discussion in 'Adobe Processing Products' started by Photobug207, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Can someone please help me?

    Recently a friend emailed me a number of attached files (photos) and they were TIFF images. I saved them all to PS CS2.

    Now the photos are sitting in Bridge. When I get to the TIFF image, all I see is a small Photoshop icon (the one with a blue feather) and once I click on it, all I get is "Could not complete your request becaust it is not the right kind of document".

    Obviously I must have shut off the request to allow CS2 to open TIFF files a long time ago. I've looked all over CS2 and can't find the right place to turn back on the TIFF format feature.

    Where do I look?

  2. In Windows XP pro, go to control panal>folder options> file types, then change what program opens Tiff's.

  3. Thanks Flygirl! I've made the changes and now I'm going to check CS2 to see if that opens the TIFF images this time.

  4. :confused:  Despite bringing up TIFF extension format settings ready to be opened by CS2, it still does not do it.

    I wonder why.
  5. bump!

    I really need help resolving this issue.

  6. heiko


    May 15, 2005
    I would check the following, in the order below:

    1. Check that the file extension is .tif (some operating systems use .tiff as extension, it might not work with Windows). P.S.: I assume you use Windows, as indicated above. If you can't see the filename extension, open the Explorer (e.g. My Documents), go to the "Tools" menu and select "Folder options". Then select the "View" tab and UNtick "Hide extensions for known file types".
    If the filename extension of the file you want to open is not .tif, and if you are sure this is a TIFF file, change the extension to ".tif". Then try open it. Else next step.
    2. Open PS CS2 (NOT bridge). Try to open it using the Open command under the File menu. If it works, there must be something wrong with the Adobe Bridge setup. Else next step.
    3. Try open the picture in the Windows Picture and Fax viewer. In Explorer, right click on the file, select "Open with" and choose Windows Picture... viewer. If it's a single layer file (8 or 16 bit), it should open it. If that doesn't work, it's probably not a TIFF file (or it may be multi-layer).
    4. I think Capture NX should also be able to open TIFFs. If you've got it, try that option to verify that the TIFF file is OK and opens.
    5. If all that doesn't work, there's something wrong with the file. Have it sent again or check that it's really a TIFF.
    6. If it works in any or all of the other applications, then the PS CS2 setup needs to be examined closer.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    Right click the tiff file and choose open with
    choose windows and pictures viewer
    If they open click the floppy at the bottom in pic and fax viewer and choose from drop down list for file format and choose Jpg then save
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, Heiko and Lowolf.

    I'll try it once the storms pass from my area tonight.

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