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My cute little Wren contribution

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Tim Z, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. With all these marsh and carolina wrens popping up here, I thought I would add my wren contribution to the list. Here's a couple of Winter Wren shots from around my creek and pond setup. I wasn't even expecting this little guy to pop out when I was in my blind shooting warblers, kinglets, vireos, etc. Even though the Winter Wren is a very common bird here, it had eluded me and my camera for 25 years. He popped out and gave me about 10 seconds for three shots and was gone scolding me all the way. Gotta be one of the cutest and cheekiest creatures on the planet.




  2. Tim,
    Really fabulous shots. Wrens are always high on my list to capture, or for that matter just to sit and enjoy their antics.
    Also looking forward to learning from you. It is obvious that you have a well thought out way of capturing the songbirds and that is one of my favorite subjects.
  3. What a cutie Tim, well done.

    I have them around here but they don't seem to come into the yard for picture taking.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Dave, I don't know if there is much that I can offer that you guys don't already have. The quality of what you have shown is already very good. Some of the songbirds can be really tough though, as they are not often in good photo situations, and I am one who is NOT a fan of nest shots. I eventually learned that rather than me trying to go to them, I should try to get them to come to me. The one thing that all creatures on earth require is water. :wink: I always remember whan I was at High Island Texas on a birding trip in April. It is like the Point Pelee of Texas. The two guys I was with walked all around the woods for about 3 hours and saw 23 species of warblers. I sat at a small pond for that 3 hours and just watched the birds that came to the water. I saw 22 species of warblers. :smile:

    Martin, I looked at your website again, and you have a ton of AWESOME shots there. I am very impressed with the quality you have displayed there. I have only had my DSLR for about 6 months now, so I can only hope that as time goes on I can get better with it and add many more images to my collection.


  5. SSchex


    May 18, 2005
    Louisiana, USA
    These are great! Those wrens sure are sassy. You guys are going to make me try again tomorrow.
  6. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Gorgeous shots Tim. I gotta set up a blind. :wink:
  7. Thanks All

    Frank, if you need help with a blind design, I have a fairly good one that I built myself. It was reasonably cheap to build and really easy to setup and take down. Not too good if you want to carry it on a backpack though.


  8. Tim,
    I do not wish to put you to a lot of trouble, but how difficult would it be to share the build info on your blind. I wish to build one as well. I understand this is not portable.
  9. Hi Dave, it would be no trouble at all. :smile: I have to go out right now for Xmas eve stuff, and naturally tomorrow is a busy day. Why don't you send me an email after Xmas, and I will send you the details. I have a bunch of photos I took of the construction for another guy who wanted to build one. I also may have mislead you a bit. My blind is totally portable, just a bit cumbersome if you wanted to backpack with it. It is made out of 1" wood doweling, copper plumbing pipe and canvas. It is getting a bit worn out now as I built it back in the 80's, but it still serves the purpose quite well.

    If money is not an issue for you, you can buy some really good ones online.

  10. Thanks Tim. Money is always a consideration, and I have looked online but have not found any for a big boy like me. I am 6'4" and do not wish to crouch when I am standing. if you can point me to one great. I will email next week. go enjoy your holiday.
  11. PixelPete

    PixelPete Guest

    Nice shots Tim,huge cute factor on that bird.
  12. Simply beautiful.
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