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My D1x battery project

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by snapdecision, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Now I can shoot all day long on one battery!


  2. Now that is a very cool idea. How did you do this?

    God Bless,
  3. Hi David,

    First, I scored the sides with a utility knife, then I made the cross cuts with a Dremel tool. Pop the plastic piece off to get to the six batteries and carefully remove them. The left-hand side battery + is soldered to the battery so I carefully detached that one so I would have a contact for the UF battery. The negative side has a black wire about 4 inches long so that allows you enough to connect a negative side (spring) contact to it. The other end is a spring and a contact connected with a wire. I hot glued the springs and the contacts in place and put the batteries in.

    The springs and contacts were out of some old flashlights that I had. It took about an hour and a half to do. The Ultra Fire Batteries and charger cost $50.00.

    It's a simple series circuit.

    All the best,
  4. I think I have a battery I can try this with. Thanks again.

    God Bless,
  5. Hi thats very very good how many shots do they take & how long dose it keep a charge.

  6. Howdy Vince

    Where did you find find the batts and charger? Besides my D1x I also have a kodak dcs 660 and the batteries for that are out of range. Thanks in advance.
  7. So far, the batteries have kept a charge for three days. Others have reported that they have shot up to 4000 images. I can say they work better than anything else that I've had in my D1x—plus they're lithium, no memory!

    Here's a link to BatteryJunction.com

  8. Very creative solution, congrats and thanks for sharing.
  9. nedmanjo

    nedmanjo Guest

    Vince, Nice Work!!! I was reading up on such mods but concerns about flaming batteries swayed me to stay clear. I'm not a EE so I won't profess any knowledge of L-ion technology but I read at Digital Photography Review: - "Be aware that those protective boards protect the cell from overcharging (in the event of a charger failure) and also from over-discharging (in the event of a short in the camera). What you have done will probably work fine - as long as the charger and camera work properly. If either fails your cells may explode and burn like roadside flares." Seems to me the charger would be fine given it was designed to charge L-ion cells but I can't help but wonder about the camera. I haven't read of anyone's D1 being damaged but I haven't seen an informed post regarding the question of safety.

  10. I did this conversion months ago. Everything works fine.
  11. mdman


    Mar 26, 2009
    That is very good info. I am going to try it soon. :smile:

    Btw, am I the only one who cannot see the images?
  12. Roger, was the fire/safety issue ever settled. I noticed on the battery site a specific warning against ganging the batterires because their protective circuitry only worked at their 3.6v rating. A serial circuit provides the 7.2v needed by the camera, but since I'm not an EE, I don't know what it does to the protection circuit. I also don't know what Battery Alternative means by "ganging". I usually associate "ganging" as at least four, two pairs of serial, then paralleled back to 3.6v.
  13. Honestly, I took it on faith that the OP knew what he was talking about, and had no problems. So I went ahead and built my own. I haven't (knock wood) had any issues, but as warned, I stick close by when charging, and will for a few more times until I'm comfortable leaving them. I really haven't had to recharge to many times as they go forever it seems. I do know you DO NOT want to use the MH-16! I'm sure that would be very bad.

    I know very little about the protective circuitry, but yes 3.6 + 3.6 in series = the voltage the camera likes, and I'm using the charger specifically designed for the cells so I'm pretty comfortable. As far as the camera developing a short, and over-discharging... Hmmm. I don't know. I guess I'm willing to take my chances on that one.

    I've been using mine for several months, and don't miss carrying four EN-4's around one bit!

    Yeah, the photos must have been taken off the OP's hosting site. I don' see them anymore either.
  14. Thanks for the additional info, Roger.
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