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My D2H shutter imploded...

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Ming Thein, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. :Ouch: :Ouch: :Ouch: :Ouch: :Ouch: :Ouch: :Ouch:

    There's a blade sticking out from under the mirror. Back to Nikon on Monday; hope my D200 gets here soon. I guess it's F2 time for the next week or so

  2. That sucks - sorry

    Hopefully service will get it back to you quickly.

  3. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi ming-

    sorry to hear that. how many shots have you taken with the camera?

  4. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  5. did I see a post where you had recently had it serviced? sorry for the news.
  6. Thanks guys. It hasn't been serviced - about 70k on the shutter, and typically, it's about five months out of warranty. No unusual usage - just the intermittent ERR behaviour for the last 10-15k frames. I wonder if they'll fix it for free as it's waaaaaaay under the 150k supposed MTBF?

    Really not pleasant as I had a shoot to finish today involving much macro work and off camera lights :(  Hopefully Nikon Malaysia will have a spare for me to use until the D200 gets here (or a spare D200, heh) I guess I'm about to find out whether my NPS membership has been worth it...

    By the way, would you keep 1 D2H/1 D200, or get 2x D200? Used value for the D2H is about the same as a new D200 here.

  7. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi ming-

    70k sounds on the low side for a D2-series shutter. hopefully you can convince the service department to give you a discount of sorts.

    i think it's too early to get two D200's. i'd wait until you're comfortable with one, then consider selling your D2H for a D200. at this point in time you know the quirks of the D2H and what you need to do to get good results out of it. the D200 is still an unknown.

    personally, i'm keeping my D2H and getting the D200. the D2H is there for those times when i don't need the resolution or i need 8fps, but it'll most likely turn into my backup.


  8. I'm starting to think of D2x rather than D200...baaad thoughts. Maybe Nikon Malaysia will have a D200 for me to play with when I send in the D2H today.

  9. One half of the city has a public holiday; of course it's the half with the Nikon office. Ugggh. Knowing Nikon Malaysia they won't have spare parts, either.

  10. My shutter went with less than 5000 images, well before the warranty ran out, but they had the camera back in a week. I don't know about Malaysia, but given that this is entirely mechanical any authorized Nikon service center may be able to repair it. I know that shutters can be repaired at some places here in the US that way.

    As to the 1-D2H and 1-D200 or 2-D200's dilemma, I'm in exactly the same boat. When my D200 arrives, hopefully the end of this week fingers crossed, I'll put my D70 up for sale, that one is a no-brainer. Next question will be if I will replace the D2H as well. Normally I'd say "why bother, nice to have 8fps" but then there will be those days when both my wife and I are out shooting, and guess who will get the D200????? Not me, that's for sure! :smile:

    But I'll spend a bit of time comparing AF and tracking and speed and such before making that decision. Who knows, maybe I need 1-D2H and 2-D200's........:wink:
  11. I was so desperate on Sunday morning (had a shoot to do - which I later cancelled) that I nearly went out and bought a D2x...D50 would have worked too, except that the battery would have taken 3h to charge =(

  12. Update from Nikon: Should be back to me this week, no idea as to the cost. But I do have a D2HS on loan for the time being though. I guess NPS membership does have its benefits :) 

    Also, I'm told there'll be D200s arriving in Malaysia in the next few days, for sale on Friday or Sat...

  13. mf44


    Jun 4, 2005
    NJ & MD
    Ming, I'd be interested to hear what they quote you for the new D2h shutter. I just had our pool D1h repaired through NPS after over 250,000 actuations. New shutter, new bayonet mount, all new grips, cleaned and adjusted for $400.
  14. Will let you guys know.

    As for the new grips - it's something they have to replace every time they open up the camera becuase apparently the screws are under the grips...

    $400 sounds okay. I definitely don't need a new mount, and I live in a developing country with cheaper labor costs, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for less...I've been reading of $7-800 on other fora; at that price, it almost makes more sense to buy two D200s instead of one.

    Ya know what though, the D2HS is a rather nice machine too. 50 shot buffer and useable iso 6400...not that I ever filled the 24-shot buffer on my D2H, or went beyond 1600 on more than a handful of occasions :tongue:

  15. Just got my quote. New shutter and new grips for RM650, which is about USD 140. Not ready until Jan, but I'm not that bothered becuase this loan D2HS is awesome...I think I'll be getting one over the D200:biggrin:

  16. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Ming :

    That's substantially less than it would be in the US, and the timeframe's not much different, possibly quicker. Aside from all the other neat features of being in KL (a city I really really enjoy), you obviously get pretty good service.

    John P.
  17. Yep, there aren't many of the 'big guns' (to quote the head of service) so they try to rush them through quicker. No NPS here, but I did flash my card to get a loan D2HS though :biggrin:

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