My dream lenses...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jonathan F/2, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. The Nikkor 1200-1700mm:


    Man imagine using this lens on a D2X! it would effectively become a 1800mm-2550mm and even more so with the HS crop factor! It would probably be a pain to focus though, but man imagine whipping one out at event all the other photographers would have lens envy! :)
  2. Well it is nice to dream but I wonder what tripod will hold this beat? I have Sigma 800 5.6 and without the Wimberley it would be hopeless, there is no ball that will hold it still, the vibrations are horrendous!. The other thing is that you do pay I sharpness as you go larger that is for sure.But it sure would be fun to try this lens!

    I dream about the Nikon 2000mm reflex , the 300 F2 and above all of a 600 mm afs II although it come to a point where it becomes rediculously pricey (very quikcly!)

    You probably have this website but if not it is a great resource for what lenses Nikon have made:
  3. Nikon has made some pretty funky exotic lenses. It's as if they made these lenses just to say that made them.

    I found this homemade 6000mm D70 setup! :shock: :shock: :idea:

  4. GOOD GRIEF!!!! THAT IS OUTTA CONTROL!!! :D :shock: :shock: :shock: :D :D :shock: :shock:
  5. Don't forget to add a TC to that bad boy!
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