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May 21, 2006
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Congratulations Stuart. Your images of Laura are excellent - the thing is they are so not Woody. I guess what I'm trying to say is that even in the presence of such a brilliant photographer like Woody your unique style shines through.

Thank you for all your encouragement, mentoring, troubleshooting, your pointed and extensive critiques, your PM advice, and your guidance. You inspire me nearly every day. I am so glad you are part of this wonderful site, and think all would agree that we are darn lucky to have you here.

Joining the Cafe one month after I started shooting and then discovering that an artist like Woody lived 30 miles from my house was a huge stroke of good fortune.
The first time I actually spoke with Woody he dashed my hopes of ever shooting with him by saying that he had considered inviting me over to shoot with him, but was afraid of influencing my style. I wonder if he was actually able to hear my hopes being dashed over the telephone?:smile:

I'm glad he changed his mind!

I almost always see some of Woody's style in my shots, but I think it is more of the PP than anything else. He's been very generous both here on the forum and with me privately in sharing editing techniques. It's like how you can have two completely different style bands, but if the music was produced and mixed by the same guy you will hear that in the final work.

On one hand I honestly feel I have learned most of what I know from working with and listening to Woody, but on the other I feel/hope that my own style still comes through.

Thanks for confirming that!!

Being able to pass along things I have learned to folks like you is one of the greatest things about The Café. Not only have I been able to learn a tremendous amount here, but I have a way to give back or "pay it forward" as they say.

And don't think that your C&C of some of my shots hasn't helped me too.

You're doing what I am doing....asking for advice and then actually applying what you learn, working hard to improve and.....getting better every time you shoot. It shows in your latest photo's.

That's what this forum is all's the reason I started posting here.

I still have a very long way to go, but it has been a great year for making headway.

Glad you like the new pic's. It was a near magical day in the studio. You could just feel the creativity in the air. An interesting LSD though!:wink:

Thanks Fred.
May 21, 2006
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....Yea, Stu's made a lot of progress in the last year and yes, he's shown a lot of progress since we've been working together... BUT if you look at MY WORK since we've been shooting together I think you'll agree that my work has improved......

......This is no longer a mentor/mentee thing. This is a very healthy collaboration... IMO anyway. :wink:
That's extremely generous of you Woody. I'm very glad you feel that way!

I'm still going to refer to you as my mentor though!:smile: Deal with it!:biggrin:

Mar 9, 2006

We are all on the same boat trying to learn as we go along in this hobby. That's part of the fun. Of course some boats are much faster than others and yours is definitely one of them. I have seen how your images have evolved over the past year, each time the quality has gone up a notch.

Whether you and Woody is a mentee/mentor relationship doesn't really matter because as Woody mentioned in his post here, learning is actually a 2-way process, a collaboration in Woody's own words. I am sure he has as much fun working with you.

Back to your images. They are all wonderful. To me #2 really is great and shows what a beauty Laura is. Superb work again Stu et al. Simply superb!


Technically you did a great job on these Stuart.. Call me old fashioned, but these are a little wild for my taste!
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