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My father's Camino de Santiago

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mason, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Over three trips in 2006 and 2007 my father completed 500 miles of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. This is the pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James. He walked carrying only what would fit in a small backpack, therefore all he carried was a small point and shoot. I have assembled his images into a video on YouTube. In hindsight, I should have spent some time fixing things like red eye in these pictures. I thought I would share it with my friends here as the images are inspiring to me…especially considering that my father will turn 70 in November. I apologize in advance for the editing.

  2. Beautiful scenes along the way. This must have been quite a walk and in all kinds of weather. Very impressive.
  3. Outstanding Mason. You did a great job in assembling these great images in this very well presented video.
  4. Thanks Gordon. I thought many of the scenes were beautiful, too. He started early each morning so he was able to see many sunrises along the way.

    Thank you Frits. I was happy with the video, but there wasn't alot involved other than "drag & drop", "drag & drop", over and over!
  5. bob swanson

    bob swanson Guest

    :eek: I'm impressed! I've been to Spain twice in the last 4 years and can't imagine his trek. It's too bad there isn't any dialogue of his concerning some of the more interesting and unique experiences. Does he speak Spanish? Where did he stay. If he had such a small backpack he couldn't have camped much. etc, etc and so on. Maybe a map of his trek. www.bsvirginia.smugmug.com
  6. Bob, those are good suggestions! I tossed this together for him to use in a upcoming presentation, and also for him to share with the people he met along the Camino, but I am going to do another version and defiantly include a map. He actually “finished” the Camino first, meaning that he walked the final leg into Santiago de Compostela. He was following what is called “the French way”, so on his second trip he started in St. Jean Pied, France and walked over the Pyrenees Mountains. He does speak enough Spanish and French to get by.

    On this trip (fourtunatly) there were hostals he was able to stay at along the way. There are so many people from all over the world that make the pilgrmage that there are many services offered along the way. On the flip side, his hiking bug started with a walk across Ireland…and there was the ocassional night under a brige or a tree. The backpack he carries on all of his trips is smaller than my camera backpack and weighs a lot less. There is a sinking feeling that cannot be described when you drop your dad off at the airport for a 2-3 week trip and all he has fits into a little packpack.

    He met a lot of interesting people from all over the world along the way and they tended to stay in the same towns and hostals. You can see from the videos that the evening meal was always a celebration.

    Somewhere I have a picture of his backpack, but this is off his site. Everything he got on the plane with is on his back (and that’s not much).

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  7. Now that is too cool. I did a month in Europe but used trains and hitched alot. Love it. Doing Ireland would be great. Man that is neat.
  8. Ireland is beautiful. He has a plan to walk from Thurles (where our ancestors are from) to Waterford, take a boat from there to Spain, and walk to the tomb of St. James from there. If he does that I may have to tag along.

    I am convinced that one of these trips he is not coming back...he is just going to stay in one of these beautiful locations. He is hiking Hadrian's Wall in the UK next month.
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