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My favorite Volvo

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Pa, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. ...passed our house about 3 pm today:

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    With 1.5 inches of sleet topped off with a layer of ice, the regular snowplow trucks weren't up to the task.
  2. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Looks like SW VA has MUCH better snow plows than KY! We SALT it!!!
  3. That would be a sight on a snowy day.
  4. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Hmmm... Thanks! Great idea!
  5. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    Pa, even that Volvo has chains! That is a neat image and a very neat piece of machinery.

    I like big toys. So, when to you get yours?

  6. Any Volvo, except the AWD models, needs chains badly! We had a 1991 740 wagon which was the worst snow vehicle I've ever driven. However, our current AWD model is very nimble in snow - probably more than the big Volvo in the picture.:wink:
  7. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Norwegians know the answer is front-wheel drive combined with dedicated winter tires. Absolutely no chains :biggrin:
  8. Front-wheel drive with snow tires will not make it up the hill in front of my house with snow or sleet on the road. I watched a VW Passat try three times yesterday before giving up. 4WD or AWD is required.
  9. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Fortunately cars behave better in Europe ....
  10. It's all in the training.

    I was taught to drive on frozen lakes. Shame we don't get any snow out here in sunny California, though. :biggrin:

    The worst snow I ever woke up to in Denver (24 inches overnight) I owned an old beat up 68 VW bug. I was the only person to get out of the parking lot of the apartment complex I lived in.

    Nice scraper though.
  11. 10 days ago I was in Helsinki and I took a Volvo cab from the airport. We were driving around 65-70mls in the highway when I realized that we were on ICE!!!

    So, I asked the driver if we should slow down... and he said in a very calm way...

    - I thought Greeks love speeding?, and I said,

    - Yes, but in dry, hot, non slippery tarmac!, so he replied,

    - ...but YOUR dry, hot, non slippery tarmac, is OUR white icy, very slippery tarmac... :eek:  :biggrin:

    ...and he kept on driving faster...
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 11, 2005
  12. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Panos: that's the true Nordic spirit.

    I often take my car for a spin when it's snowing, in particular at night. Just love it.
  13. We seem to be digressing here, but just let me observe that lakes are level.

    When the road gets very steep, as many of them are here in SW Virginia, no amount of training will allow one to repeal the laws of physics.:rolleyes: 
  14. Rob


    Jul 28, 2005
    Truro, Cornwall, UK
    I had a BMW 5 series 2.5 litre with auto box, BUT slip diffs with the snow setting. That beastie would push me anywhere, rear wheel drive, and chunkies!:biggrin:
    My worst moment on snow was passing what I thought was a simple truck carrying logs in Norway while driving a Landrover with four studded snow tyres; it was only when I was committed to the overtake that I discovered it was a roadtrain of truck and trailer, that was then I saw the lights coming the other way. Close call.
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