My first attempt at Quadtone

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  1. The print looked nice, I'll have to try this on more of my B&W stuff :smile:
  2. I was heavily involved with b&w photography during my years of using film so I am kind of biased when I say that I like this shot very much and the effect looks great. For my taste, I just will add a tiny bit of contrast with curves although I admit that is only for my taste and most probably not necessary.
    I have had my difficulties with b&w and the computer. The tonalities I used to see with film are not present with digital although I am using now a new conversion method and a service bureau that prints optically to my taste.
    You have a great shot here!
    William Rodriguez
    Miami, Florida.
  3. Thank you William, I printed it on a Canon ipf 6100 on Harman MATT FB Mp Warmtone paper and it turned out as close to a fiber based selenium toned print as I've achieved. In some ways it looks better than what I used to get in a real darkroom.