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My first try at portraits.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rich Gibson, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. I know there is light coming through the background cloth. Suggestions? Techincal and posing.

    D2H, SB800, 85mm f/1.4

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    Rich javascript:emoticon(':?')
  2. One more

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  3. Hi Rich,

    I'd be happy with either image, but I prefer the second one, perhaps because of the classic 3/4 pose. Good job: at least you have something to enter in the challenge! I have to chase some kids down first, which I may not have the time for... :) 
  4. Thank you

    I didn't even think about the quarter pose for the little one. (Actually her name is Elizabeth, but we call her "Littlebit"...I suppose that'll have to stop fairly soon."}

    The wife and I are blessed. Six of the seven gkids are within 5 miles of our house and we see them each Wednesday for a family dinner. The 7th is now in the Corps of Cadets at Virginia...a Hokie.

  5. Hey Rich, you have done well. For one flash and what looks like some window light you have a couple of cute images. I will give you my thoughts even though I am far from an expert. First would be to move the subject further away from the background and second would be to move the flash off camera. The catchlight is tiny and directly centered in the pupil which some say gives the subject a possesed look. If you move the flash off camera you can use a reflector close to the subject and on the opposite side to bounce a little light into the face. The focus on the first image is slightly soft and it causes the eyes to lose sparkle. Perhaps some localized sharpening of the eyes would help.

    Your girls are darling and the images reflect that.
  6. Thanks for the tips and the compliment. Yes, there was some light coming from behind the backdrop. I was thinking about mounting the flash on my Custom bracket instead of the camera. But the extra 6" height probably wouldnt make much difference.

    What do people use to hold the flash if it isn't on the camera? Which direction should the flash come from, let's say if the subject's face is angled 45% to my left, of center center?



    Thanks a million!

  7. I have been faced with the same problem until Friday when I received my stand, umbrella and bracket to hold my flash. I have practiced a little but I'm not ready for prime time yet. That rig was about $75.00 and it does work. I also decided that I would buy another SB800 which is on order. I'll post something when I have practiced a little more.
  8. Hi, Rich! I'm glad the contest theme motivated you to photograph these beautiful models. For a first time portrait artist, you've done a very credible job. The pictures are well illuminated, and you've managed to give a 3D feeling to them. I particularly like the first shot, because Little-bit is so obviously amused by your labors :) . Keep shooting!
  9. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Good 1st try!

    Both good looking kids! But, to create some interesting shadow modeling, and to move that catchlight away from the pupil, you'll need to get what Gordon ordered, that combo flash/umbrella mount to get you SB off to the side. Also, do you notice a slight yellow color cast in both shots, but in the 1st shot in particular? What did you have your WB set to? Also, I notice the 2nd shot is a bit sharper than the first. Just an amatuer's observations.
  10. Re: Good 1st try!

    Thanks for the suggestions:
    1. Could you suggest some models/sources for the mount? Wouldn't you know I tossed the B&H catalog figuring I'd NEVER use portrait equipment?!?
    2. Wb was set to flash in both. The first girl has a very slight olive cast to her skin. She deifinitely does not have a pink rosy-cheeked complexion, however I can see some yellow below her right ear.
    3. In the second picture I took -9 off the saturation and -2 hue and it is closer to her pale pink complexion.

    I really appreciate all your suggestions. There is quite a difference between snapping off a family shot and putting together a portrait.

  11. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    You'd be best to ask Gordon what he got. I saw them on B&H, and that's exactly what you need.
  12. Rich, I bought the 10 foot stand ($39.00) and a 32 inch white/black umbrella ($19.95) from White Lightning and then a bracket from B&H that sits on top of the stand and holds the umbrella and the flash. They call it a multi-bracket and it cost $13.50 as I remember.
  13. Hmmm. I poked around a bit at B&H and they were asking 3-4 times as much for their stuff. I appreciate the tip.

    Thanks, Rich
  14. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    This, Rich?

  15. Steve,

    I checked out the other lighting thread you're participating in. With an SB800 do you point the head into the underside on the umbrella (away from the subject?)

    Can I get by with one SB800 and a reflector, or would it be better if I use my SB80 and a second umbrella? I plan on shooting people only.

    Thanks for your patience with my rudimentary questions.

  16. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Get a "convertible" umbrella

    one that you can bounce off, or take the black outer cover off and shoot through. Much more versatile.
    Like this is what I have, even though I've moved to SB's. http://www.photoflex.com/photoflex/index.html
    Here's the whole shebang, stand, clamp & Conv, umbrella all in one: http://www.photoflex.com/photoflex/index.html
    and, on their same page are these free lessons, and explanation what what type of lighting reders what results. http://www.webphotoschool.com/Lesso...at_Portraits_with_Portable_Strobes/index.html
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