My first wedding story. How much do you think I lost?

May 11, 2006
Northern Italy, Piemonte
If you're an amateur then doing business with friends is risky; however, any professional should not hesitate. Professionalism is much more about how you handle yourself than about the quality of your photographs. Simply making great photos doesn't make you a "Pro".

Most of my friends have a profession. When I need the services of a realtor, I go to my friend in the real estate business AND I pay the commission. When I need something to eat, I go to my friends restaurant and pay the full tab. Likewise, when I want a cold beer, I pay for it at my friends bar. These people don't run their businesses just for fun and neither do I.

I don't expect any of them to comp their goods and/or services just because they are good friends. Likewise, they don't expect me to comp my goods and services either.

I recently did a multi thousand dollar job for a friend and neighbor and it turned out great. I made a bid, we negotiated a contract, I did the shoot, provided the agreed upon product, and I got paid the agreed price right away. We're still friends.

Sure, I sometimes give away a print as a gift and sometimes I get a beer on the house, but neither gift is expected or demanded by the recipient; otherwise it wouldn't be a gift.

Act like an amateur and you'll be treated like one.
Mar 2, 2006
Chapel Hill Tn
Speaking as someone who has always been self employed, never had a job or even applied for one. Experience is not free, you have to pay for it. You just got $200 worth.
Dec 29, 2005
Bournemouth, UK
My first wedding story. How much do you think I lost -

I'd guess perhaps 50% of your naivety - depending on how many of the same/similar mistakes you make next(?) time :wink:


i love it.its happened to almost everyone with an SLR!Friends are the absolute worst customers.when they said they couldnt pay you anything right now but they would try and get something to you ,buddy you shoulda listened to your flight or fight impiulse and tuned and run as fast and far as you could.
as far as money lost .you first quated thema rediculaosly low 200 bucks then you raise it to 600 .and take a promice and a prayer for payment o this is just too funny!

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