My First Wedding

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by cculler, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. cculler


    Aug 12, 2008
    I recently shot a wedding for my best friend's little sister, partially as a favor, and partially as practice for another friend's wedding next summer. I mark it as a success, and I know that the B&G will be happy.







    Believe me, shooting my first wedding in 104 degree mid-day sun was TOUGH. I tried to manage shadows and use fill flash as best I could. There are some more shots HERE, on my flickr. I'd love to hear what you all think! Thanks!
  2. chris...
    it was a tough shoot
    and i know the B&G will be happy

    you did well....
    all of the shots are a bit, HOT, however
    the dress is blown out in every shot here.... except #6, where the shirt is blown out

    so..... it was sort of a "high-key" shoot... which is fine as well
    bright sun and white, shiny dress... a recipe for disaster, unless you factor some -EV into the equation

    did you shoot RAW?

    the composition and images are very nice
    the exposures are a bit overdone

    you should be proud of these... first wedding..... harsh conditions... well done
  3. ItzAlbert


    Sep 13, 2008
    Bay Area
    nice job on your first wedding pics. practice makes perfect :biggrin:
  4. cculler


    Aug 12, 2008

    Yes, I shot raw, but when I increased recovery, the whole picture took on a grey-ish tone. Rather than take the time to do masks on 200 pics, I decided to expose for faces/skin tones, and let the dress blow out. The bride and groom are thrilled, so I'm chalking it up as a learning experience for next time.
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