My Hollywood Sign Adventure

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    Jan 27, 2005
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    I went on a business trip to Los Angeles last week and stayed an extra day, Friday, to do some sightseeing. Since I only had one full day, I decided to do a long drive around the area, stopping when I felt like it, but trying to see as much as possible. One of my side quests was for a picture of the Hollywood sign -- not because I'm particularly fascinated by it, but just because I had read that it was hard to get close to it. Also, I was using my Nikon Coolpix, so I didn't have a honkin' big telephoto lens - I had to be physically close.

    The first picture is about the best view you can get from Hollywood Blvd:
    Not that great.

    I read that the best shots are from the Hollywood reservoir, so I set out to get there, but I found the road around it was closed due to this years' mudslides. So, I turned up into a residential street (passing "Residents Only" and "Not a Through Street" signs). Then I got a view like this:

    Watching the sign through the trees and making seemingly random turns, I ended up on the dead end of a street where it met a fire road/jogging trail that ran right along the base of the mountain. I got out and walked along the trail to the sign. Here is my rental car looking back along the trail:

    And here is the trail leading toward the sign:

    Finally, about a quarter of a mile down the trail, I was as close as you could get without climbing the mountain and I got my shot:

    Here is what the Hollywood reservoir looks like from the trail in front of the sign (the Los Angeles skyline is out of frame to the left):

    The rest of my pictures can be found here: Southern California , but I'm going to write up the stories on a few more of them when I get the chance.
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  2. Chris, Good thing you didn't get any closer...the antenna on the right looks like permanent sterilization for sure :eek:

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