My home.....from above

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phil K, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Ed(Beezle) has posted a Google Earth satellite image in another thread, and I think it's kind of cool. So here's my home from above. I am living in the building in the center with the triangular swimming pool. Hey, can you see me waving in the pool?

    Firends, show us your homes from above.

  2. Here's my house from GoogleEarth. You can see that all these old Victorian houses have laneways behind them. This is where we park. In the old days, they used to have barns there for the horses! When I first moved in, I couldn't figure out why the grass in my backyard wouldn't grow. Dug down to find original granite cobblestones from the old horse barn. Interesting history in these parts.
    Here's my house from a airplane ride that DustyD gave me for my birthday a few years ago. You can see that I'm only a few minutes from the lake for kayaking, which is where I'm heading again today. No appointments, all the calls have been returned, I'm outta here!! *LOL*
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