My humble contribution of birds

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Panos Kazanelis, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. I don't know what bird it is, I only know it is the first I spot in days now... :eek:
    What happened to all of them, we had thousands last week??? :? :? :?

    These were taken today, late in the evening during sunset...

    View attachment 5916

    View attachment 5917

    ...and the sunset...
    View attachment 5918
  2. cant help on the ID of the birds, but an awesome sunset!
  3. Thanx Harris, birds are REALLY hard to shoot :?

    I wish I was out there with you guys and join any Ron's Trip :!:
  4. Hi Panos, its some kind of Stilt, although I'm not sure which one, since it is one of those European kinds ;-) Yes birds are hard to shoot, especially in low light like at sunset! Good effort though!
  5. The bird shots are harder than they look, you sunset is gorgeous what a great shot
  6. Janet, thanks for the ID... I think it has to do with my birding skills that s@ck...

    What is the best hour to go after them? I've told that early in the morning and late in the evening is the best time, to find them more relaxed and calm...
  7. Mike, since all of you are praising my sunset shot, I guess I should stick to that and let the poor birds alone... :lol: ha?
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