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My impressions and comparision between D200 and D2H

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Chris_B, May 7, 2007.

  1. Chris_B


    Mar 12, 2006
    Arlington, VA
    This past weekend, I shot with both my D2H and D200 to get a feel for both and compare the two cameras while shooting in the same conditions. On Saturday, I just shot with the D2H with complete cloud cover and on Sunday I shot with both cameras in bright mid-afternoon sunshine. I posted a thread with the shots here: https://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/showthread.php?t=113904

    I do notice a difference between the two cameras. In general I like the feel of the D2H better but I like the overall appeal of the D200 shots better. I really like shooting with the D2H. When I pick up my D200, it just doesn't handle as well. The FPS difference is startling. I feel like I am stuck in quicksand when shooting with the D200 :eek:  .

    On the other hand, I like the feel of the D200 photos better. They seem to pop more and have better colors. I believe that this is due to the difference in resolution. I talked off-line to Frank (eng45ine) and Topher (topher04r1) to get their impressions and both thought the MP limitation of the D2H was what I was seeing.

    I guess I need to do two things when shooting with the D2H, frame as tight as possible when shooting and consider a little extra saturation boost in PP. Hopefully I can even that difference out with better framing with the D2H. This must be why so many folks like the D2X and D2Xs - great resolution and 8 fps in HSC mode. It is interesting to see the strenghts and limitations to the D200 and D2H. 8 frames per second is just plain awesome however the resolution penalty is a problem if the shot is not framed as tight as possible.

    I really understand why people are clamering for the follow-on D3H/X with 8 fps and 10+mp resolution (if that is what it looks like).

    I would appreciate any thoughts you guys have on my impressions. This comparision was a great learning experience for me. I can see that I have a lot more practice to do with framing my shots and I also want to experiment with getting the WB more accurate out of the camera.

    Take care,

    Here are the NEFs from some of my weekend shots with the D2H and D200 if anyone want to look at them:
    D200 Sunday_1.NEF (7.9 MB bytes) => http://www.onlinefilefolder.com/ind...=133545&hash=02e5626ba8111e579f19072611732160
    D200 Sunday_2.NEF (8.3 MB bytes) => http://www.onlinefilefolder.com/ind...=133546&hash=271f647c131b29ec910ed76ea0181215
    D200 Sunday_3.NEF (8.7 MB bytes) => http://www.onlinefilefolder.com/ind...=133547&hash=3211b81950d0ab914c44d2b20cd84d23
    D2H Saturday_1.NEF (6.1 MB bytes) => http://www.onlinefilefolder.com/ind...=133548&hash=5a0159bfe4af8db52a8a52c285c12574
    D2H Saturday_2.NEF (6.0 MB bytes) => http://www.onlinefilefolder.com/ind...=133549&hash=7b45cbdbeffcb9bedd43b067c944ffe2
    D2H Saturday_5.NEF (6.0 MB bytes) => http://www.onlinefilefolder.com/ind...=133550&hash=4011cfe18396876d978a070a6d3c7c31
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