My interest has been sparked...

Nov 12, 2006
Nova Scotia, Canada
While browsing ebay I came across this:

I put in the outrageously generous bid of $9.99 :)biggrin:) and I'll continue to watch it as it climbs higher and higher.

What is this setup worth roughly? I don't know anything about Hassy's other than they're supposed to be the best, but I'm looking to get one of these classic beauties just because I've seen some amazing results here! How steep is the learning curve on these? What kind of film will I need (is it readily available?) and can it be scanned using something like the Coolscan V?

Convince me to bid higher and higher on this thing, or show me where I can get one (any 500 really, I honestly don't know the difference) :biggrin:
May 14, 2008
The same outfit starts at KEH around $700 so if you get it for $13 I'd say you scored!:biggrin:
The back alone is worth $110 to $175. With boxes and manuals it's worth a little more.
Learning curve isn't that bad if you know the Sunny 16 rule. Loading the film is the only real difficult part and there are videos on YouTube that will explain the oddities.
It shoots 120 film that is available from almost any online shop and any good camera store. You cannot scan with a CS V. You either need a $2000 CS 9000 or any of the more than capable Epson flatbeds $250 to $750.
Jul 14, 2007
Bay Area, USA
Go for the cheaper Mamiya or Pentax 645 systems. They have really nice lenses that are much cheaper than the Zeiss ones, and just as good. Nikon even makes a 200/2 and 300/2 for the Mamiya 645 system.

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