My last D2H shots - high ISO results

Discussion in 'People' started by Joe Marques, May 18, 2005.

  1. I just got around to processing the last shots with my recently sold D2H and lenses. :cry: It certainly served me well and these samples are testament to the quality of that senor.

    This was my son's first communion - here are a few shots all hand held in brutal church lighting (mixed sun and tungsten) shot at ISO 1600 either wide open or close to it. Bravo to a fine camera for delivering strong results under adverse conditions.

    D2H - 85 1.4D - a tad of noise ninja:

    1/125 f2 EV+2/3:

    1/125 f1.4 EV+1/3 - ouch that's narrow DOF ;)
    View attachment 9019

    1/90 f2.8 EV+1/3
    View attachment 9020

    100% crop - now that's a sharp lens and the noise is not a big issue at all:
    View attachment 9021

    If the exposure and WB are nailed then D2H noise is really not an issue.

    Hope this is useful to current owners of a great tool. :)
  2. Very nice Joe, I too shot some 1600 ISO images a couple of weeks ago and was also pleased with the results.
  3. Joe - you did a hellava job holding in the highlights, especially at ISO 1600 in a church - where lighting is most often very unforgiving.
  4. Thanks very much to both Gordon and Joe.

    For Joe - the light was brutal - I'm sure you know from your superb wedding work how challenging it can be. :)
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