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My muse

Discussion in 'People' started by Czechman01, May 29, 2005.

  1. Greetings,

    Here's a natural light image I shot of Annika in my studio. D100, 85mm 1.8, iso200.

    I work with a lot of beautiful women but Annika is the total package, and the nicest person you would ever want to meet. Bright, funny, curious and always on time and ready to work. Life is good.


  2. Wossname

    Wossname Guest

    Hi Woody

    Oh she's a beaut, such a lovely, open countenance, the camera really likes her. Just one minor point, it looks like you maybe missed the focus point on the eyes, though it might be my monitor not being the best.

    Please post some more mate.


  3. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    She's lovely. W/a face like that, I can see why she'd always be on time to be photographed! Well captured.
  4. kengo

    kengo Guest

    I like the look, lighting is very sensual. Just one critisism: Bra seems one cup too big, I have shot quite a number of underwear and lingerie ads, and filling up the garment is one of the most important thing we look for. We even sometimes intentionaly get a size smaller for the model to make sure.
  5. Hey, I'm beginning to like it here! I'm getting things pointed out that I don't on OMP. This stuff is very helpful :D 

    Shooting wide open doesn't give much DOF so I opted for the eye with the best lighting. I know the closest eye is preferred but that's how it goes sometime.

    The pretty ones are usually the ones with "the world can wait for me" attitude... in my experience anyway.

    Thanks for your critique. I looked at your website and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Always rewarding to have a working pro comment on my efforts.

  6. Great model and very nice shot. Light, pose, expression and framing/crop are excellent.

    One thing - her eyes look a tad "Photoshopped" to me - like you air brushed the catchlight or duplicated her left eye and move it to the right (looks like an exact match). Any PS work on the eyes?

    Aside from the bra size already noted - I find the lace between bra cups distracting.
  7. Yes, catch-lights added. As obvious as it is, you're the first person in three forums to point it out.

    If you're referring to the ribbon between the cups, I agree.

  8. Wossname

    Wossname Guest

    Hi Woody.

    Understood mate, however, you might want to check see if the D100 is front focusing a bit then, because it looks like a lot of the hair and the front of the bra cup is sharp. My guess is that the AF has settled on the tip of the nose.

    Of course, it's a good excuse to have the lady return for another session :D 


  9. WOW!! Nice shot and very attractive muse!!! :D  :D  :D 
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