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  1. From a roll of film I shot this week. I love my neighborhood...





  2. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Cameras, barbers, busses and Jews. Cool neighborhood Ned! It looks like you've got it all right there! Proof that the best photography comes from your immediate surroundings.

    And is that a group kiss? :Wink:
  3. window reflections, and window reflection photographs intrigue me, always think i need to look harder for what might be hidden with in multiple reflections.
    but here in this set, i find interest in the structural aspects of photo #3 and #4, the strait ahead street shoots, and although the foreground figures do entice, it is the background elements that enable my mind to wander around inside the frame, completing an interpretive tour of a neighborhood, well outside of my time and place.
    then again, as i skip the photo, and think about the structure, i have questions of process, not so much post process, but the action of exposure, the speed of film, the lens aperture, the shutterspeed, how does this photo occur?
  4. The advantages of living in a big city - especially with people walking about alot. Interesting neighborhood and people. I'm sure something interesting is always going on.
  5. gavin


    Oct 21, 2006
    Very nice work ned. I'm always attracted to your photos featuring reflections. very nice.
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