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My new old 28mm f3.5 AI

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by jryoung1947, May 17, 2007.

  1. Well I was browsing for sale when I see

    "Folks, trust me: The Ai 28mm f/3.5 is THE sleeper lens of Nikon.
    I have posted about it frequently in the past. It produces absolutely stellar images and - as shown here - can be had dirt cheap!
    Congratulations in advance to whoever will pick up this gem.

    pbase supporter http://www.pbase.com/ripps22/galleries "

    Thanks Frits!

    A few shots on my lunch hour after it came in the mail.

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    Bit of a crop as I was in the car
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  2. murreywalker


    Mar 25, 2005
    jr, those skies are absolutely grand!

    Foreground ain't too bad either.:biggrin:
  3. Excellent, John! Frits has been known to provide some great advice.
  4. Those shots are tremendous and I'd say the lens is a keeper :wink:
  5. There you go John, nice images. You will find it to be an outstanding lens, particularly for landscapes with lots of detail. Razor sharp with great color rendition.
    I look forward to see more.
  6. Igor


    May 15, 2005
    Ukraine, Europe
    Wonderful images John, but IMHO equally excellent IQ can be expected from most any similar lens of the old Nikkor W/A line, e.g. 20/3.5, 24/2.8, 28/2.8, etc.
  7. Agreed on most Igor, but none can be had as cheaply as the 28mm f/3.5. It is just ill regarded and can be had at throw away prices.
    Where I disagree is on the 28mm f/2.8. While an outstanding lens for subjects at a closer distance, it does not perform well for landscapes. Decidedly poorer performance for that then the 28mm f/3.5.
  8. iunknown


    Mar 18, 2005
    Sunnyvale, CA
    Hi John,

    Very glad to see that you are enjoying it as much as it is worth.

    This sleeper was really in the sleeping closet from the time I got it (I got it for doing some IR but never got around to getting my D70 converted).

    My loss, your gain... but I am happy for the lens. :smile:

    now, I have the 20mm f/3.5 also on sale... if anyone is interested.

    Thank you Frits for the promotion.

  9. Igor


    May 15, 2005
    Ukraine, Europe
    Sorry, Frits, now my turn to disagree. While the 28/2.8 AF version is really poor IMO, the AI is very nice (I never tried the AIS, but plan to :smile:) 
    Just a few days ago I shot landscapes with this jewel, and the IQ is absolutely wonderful!

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  10. What fun here at the cafe. I just got a D200 and we are going to France so I need to keep a low profile on finances (well until I look at "for sale" tomorrow). Man with this D200 I can dial in my focal length and max aperture. Plus I get AE, I am in heaven. :Angel:
  11. Very interesting Igor. Could it be an Ai vs Ai-S version thing? I had 2 Ai-S 28mm f/2.8 and both manifested uneven sharpness at a distance.
    Gotta try an Ai version one of these days I guess...:smile:
  12. wow, sharp images with rich colours...

  13. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Frits :

    One of the things that's so aggravating with lenses is the product variability, or in other words, product quality. I've hit several lenses over time that just weren't good examples of the line, and when I've shot with the "same lens" later had widely differing results.

    The best example was a 28-105mm lens that I purchased around the same time as my D100. I honestly thought that I was a lousy photographer, because I could never get a good sharp shot with the lens (reversing the usual issue, I first blamed myself instead of the gear). I tried about every trick in the book, and was, quite seriously, despondent about my shooting, considering dropping DSLR efforts because of my "poor technique".

    I then acquired a 24-120mm lens, going against my better instincts with the recent results that I'd had, and my photography mysteriously became much better... It was only when I had the opportunity to shoot a friend's 28-105mm lens alongside the one that I had when I found out that the lens was just plain bad. While operator error is often the cause of poor photography, this was a clear case of the gear being the root cause.

    As much as we'd all like to believe that a given lens type is a "great" or a "bad" lens, the sometimes large degree of variability of the manufacturers' work can sometimes make for difficult comparisons.

    YMMV (or for Quebec, L/100 km :wink:) ...

    John P.
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