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My next lens

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Andyc, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Andyc


    Nov 6, 2006
    South Wales UK
    I'm trying to decide which lens I should buy next to fit in with the two I already have( in my signature ).
    I have read the posts about the 50 1.8 and am tempted. Then there is the 35 f 2. I also like the spec of the sigma 17 -70 f2.8-4.5 with its bonus of macro. Decisions decisions.
    As a newbie I am trying my hand at most subjects sport, macro, scenery wildlife etc.

    Any suggestions as to what I should spend my £'s on would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I am in the same boat as you are. I am new to this "sport" and have a used D70 with a 18-55 and 70-200 (VR i wish:rolleyes:  ). I just bought a 50 f1.8 because I take a lot of pics at family functions, and wanted to try using a fast lens. I thought this would be a good option because it only cost me about $100, and I can sell it for about that if I am not into it, kind of like a long term low cost rental in MHO.

    I would also consider getting some other gear like a mono or tri pod, a good flash, remote, good bag for all this gear.

    It seems that the money that can be spent on this hobby is endless!:rolleyes: 
  3. ZBaum

    ZBaum Guest

    Most people find that out pretty quickly :biggrin:. And at times, no matter how little money you have, it always seems that you find money to spend.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    50mm is a wonderful little lens.
  5. 35mm f/2D is a great lens. Does get closer than the 50mm, though not really macro. I find more use for it than my 50mm easily. 50mm doesn't work for me at family functions at their homes, the 35mm does better for me here.

    Great lens but just not my ideal focal length.
  6. I agree that the 35mm F2 is a great lens. I like the quality of it over my 50mm F1.4. It does focus closer than the 50mm. For occassional macro, put a closeup filter on it and save money that way.
  7. to help out, I will list most of the commonly favored lenses, with a number attached to each one. Find a gaming store that sells dice, and get a 20 sided die and some six-siders too. This will help significantly in determining what you need. I'll use old roleplaying terms (d20, d6) for dice.

    On d20:
    1. 10.5 DX
    2. Superwide zoom (roll d6)
    *1-2 Sigma 10-20
    *3-4 Tokina 12-24
    *5-6 Nikkor 12-24
    3-5. Pro wide-mid zoom (flip coin)
    *Heads Nikkor 17-35
    *Tails Nikkor 17-55
    6. Consumer wide-tele zoom (roll d6)
    *1 Nikkor 18-55
    *2 Nikkor 18-70
    *3 Nikkor 18-135
    *4 Nikkor 18-200vr
    *5 Sigma 17-70
    *6 Tamron 17-50
    7. Mid-tele zoom (flip coin)
    *Heads Nikkor 28-70
    *Tails anything else (28-75 Tamron?)
    8-10. Tele zoom (roll d6)
    *1 Sigma 70-200
    *2 Nikkor 80-200
    *3 Nikkor 70-200
    *4 Nikkor 80-400
    *5 Nikkor 70-300vr
    *6 Sigma 50-500
    11. Larger tele zoom (flip coin)
    *Heads Nikkor 200-400VR
    *Tails Sigma 120-300
    12. Normal prime(on DX) (roll d6)
    *1-2 Sigma 30
    *3-4 Nikkor 35
    *5-6 Nikkor 28/1.4
    13-14. Short tele prime (roll d6)
    *1-2 Nikkor 50/1.8
    *3-4 Nikkor 50/1.4
    *5 Nikkor Micro
    *6 Manual focus (roll d6)
    -1: 45p
    -2: 50/1.8
    -3: 55/2.8
    -4: 50/1.2
    -5: 58mm NOCT-Nikkor
    -6: 50/1.4
    15-16. Tele Macro (roll d6)
    *1 Tamron 90
    *2 Nikkor 105vr
    *3 Nikkor 105
    *4 Sigma 105
    *5 Tokina 100
    *6 Kiron 90 (or equivalent)
    17. Longer telephoto (roll d6)
    *1-2. Nikkor 180
    *3. Sigma 150
    *4. Nikkor 200VR
    *5. Nikkor 200Micro
    *6. Whatever else in this range
    18. Supertelephoto (roll d6)
    *1 Nikkor 300/2.8
    *2 Nikkor 300/4
    *3 Nikkor 400
    *4 Nikkor 500
    *5 Nikkor 600
    *6 3rd party (maybe someone can append that)
    19. Portrait(roll d6)
    *1 85/1.8
    *2-3 85/1.4
    *4 105/2
    *5 105/2.5
    *6 135/2
    20. Miscellaneous (roll d6)
    *1-2 lensbaby
    *3 body cap pinhole
    *4 random M42 adapted
    *5 wide f/2.8 prime (roll d6)
    -1-2 Nikkor 20
    -3-4 Nikkor 24
    -5-6 Nikkor 28
    *6 whatever the heck tickles your fancy :) 

    Hope that helps a little bit. I know I didn't cover everyone's favorite lenses, but that should be the majority of the most popular ones.

    If you don't know what you need, then you probably don't need it. Figure out what you can't do but want to, and see if lens choice will help you in that endeavor. It's easy for us to suggest lenses, but it's hard to make an accurate assessment of what you need.

    Good luck :) 
  8. Good list. Now I need to go buy dice.
  9. :biggrin: or you can save your money and use software...

    I'm sure there are better generators out there somewhere, but this seems to work fine for multi-thousand dollar lens purchase decisions :cool: 
  10. Andyc


    Nov 6, 2006
    South Wales UK
    Thanks all for your suggestions and Robert for the list which I have saved for future reference. Your suggestion:
    "Figure out what you can't do but want to, and see if lens choice will help you in that endeavor" is right on the button.
    As a newbie I probably want to try and do too much too soon. I haven't got a massive budget so will choose carefully.
    Thanks you all very much.

    Best regards
  11. 35-70 2.8. it's a great lens that most people forget about.
  12. supermom

    supermom Guest

    I'd get the 35/2 over the 50/1.8. :) 

    I tried using the 50/1.8 to shoot a family dinner and since it was long, I ended up hitting the back of my head on the mirror on the wall. :) 
  13. What amazes me is when shooters get zoom lenses and then they want something else because something is missing. You have 18-135 and 70-300.
    If there is something wrong with these two zooms in your testing of them, why not sell them?
    Now, people want to suggest another zoom to you?
    You have to understand the Nikon conspiracy theory. It goes somthing like this;
    Nikon makes lenses that have lots of different focal lengths and various maximum apertures. This is done to confuse their customers and to make them frustrated enough to purchase all of them because not one or two or three of them is "the perfect solution".
    There is less confusion in purchasing primes.
  14. ZBaum

    ZBaum Guest

    I'd have to disagree. I think that most shooters could be satisfied with two zooms and two primes, if not less. Add in a TC, and you can cover everything from 17/18mm to somewhere between 300mm and 400mm, with max apertures of f/4 or faster.

    For example:

    17-55 f/2.8 or 12-24 f/4 (the latter is an exception to the f/2.8 rule, but at those focal lengths, f/2.8 isn't needed)
    70-200 f/2.8 or 200-400 f/4
    50 f/1.4 or 50 f/1.8 or 35 f/2
    85 f/1.4 or 85 f/1.8 or 105 VR

    (all above would depend on shooting style, and there are many more choices to complement the different styles)

    Really, after an initial purchase of one or two consumer grade variable aperture zooms, most people are either satisfied, or see the importance of fast aperture zooms and primes and upgrade accordingly. I've yet to see many people buy all three 18-xxx zooms, and multiple 70-300 zooms.
  15. Cutlass454


    Nov 29, 2006

    Even though they are consumer lenses, you have the range of 18-300 covered between your 2 current lenses. I began with a similar setup with my D70s, except I have the 18-70 and the 55-200. Like you, I wanted another lens, but decided against a new lens until I felt they were limiting my shooting abilities.

    Instead, I opted for a SB600, which was a better investment for me than any similarly priced lens. I got my local Best Buy to price match a local camera store (Normans) at $185 + tax. To that, I added a Better Bounce Card.

    Best money I've spent on camera equipment so far. Just my $0.02. :biggrin:
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