My 'pet' mantis .

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Desmond, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. The fuji compact was easier to grab and has better dof with macro than the Nikon which would require some flash power that might melt lefty for the aperture I'd need .
    One reason I decided not to get an aqurium for it is that I get quite attached to 'critters' and it would be better if I never knew whether it was missing or dead one day - I don't get up at night so it should be safe .
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  2. I live at the entrance to a farm road next to a stream and some trees - no shortage of bugs especialy since we are nearing the end of summer here .
    Spiders are in abundance as well in NZ as well but I don't often see a mantis around here .
    I just got home , saturday afternoon and he was on the curtain still , I tracked down a skinny looking mosquito and he took it right away - it's finished now and lefty is looking at me so I need to go hunting .....
  3. I just got these off my D90 card , I forgot I had taken them almost a week ago the first time he moved in .




    I just caught him a moth and he missed it and clawed my finger instead [ "you don't bite the hand that feeds " -Alex the lion ] . [The second mosquito I caught him was dead when I offered it and he wouldn't take it ]. It never hurt so I let him off this time and looked around and found another large mosquito which he readily accepted .
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  4. I really like that 1rst photo - so contrasty! Poor thing, I wonder if perhaps a cat had caught him and played with him or something. Hopefully, he'll have you trained in no time on what he prefers to eat! LOL! Please keep the photos comin!
  5. There is one cat in the area , it's a wild cat but I put food out for it every night in the garage . This claw doesn't look damaged - it just seems to be grown that way but it's hard to tell .
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  6. Monday 16/03/09 , 8 days since he arrived . He has been sitting in the same spot on the curtain next to my computer for two days now - perhaps he thinks he has me pretty well trained now . When I came home from work this afternoon I caught him a mosquito which was finished in 5 minutes so I caught another one which is also gone by now .
    I decided to try the D90 and SB400 flash with a bit of foam in front of the flash .

    It's hard to get the correct focus and I wondered why he wasn't eating and then realised that he had sunk his weak claw into the curtain and couldn't get it back out again !


    So I unhooked his claw so he could continue eating and pre-focused on a spot in line with his face and then took this shot .


    update :9:30pm , a large fat moth just flew in and I had to grab it as a third offering [ for the night ] to lefty - he hasn't left his spot on the curtain - I hope if I go away for a few days he remembers how to feed himself ! This moth had tons of energy and is really fat and when he grabbed it and it started flapping his head was just a blur and I couldn't help laughing . I had to hold its wing for a while so he could get a grip on its head and immobolize it . Well .... he's slowly nibbling away at it but I doubt he will finish the whole thing - I'll see in the morning if there is anything on the floor .
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  7. Now Desmond, if you're gonna be leaving the house for a vacation, you're gonna need a mantis- sitter! :wink: These photos and story just continue to amaze me and bring a smile to my face - and that's not mentioning the warm spot on the ol heart! :Love: Keep em comin!:biggrin:
  8. Maybe if I go for another tour in my van I may have to unhook the curtain and put it in the van and he can go with me ! There are always plenty of bugs in the campsites where I go !
  9. Now ya talkin! I think you'd have fun with him/her along too!:wink:
  10. A name, it needs a name!!! That's wonderful that you're still keeping it alive. Poor thing.
  11. What's wrong with "lefty" ? I suppose that's not a girlie style name then ?
    Since he only uses his right claw it is the wrong name but "righty" just doesn't sound as good as "lefty" .
    Maybe you girls should give him/her a name then - I suppose it would have to be a 'gender' friendly name .... just in case "Lefty' turns out to be "Leftina"
  12. Lefty sounds like a pug nosed guy with a cauliflower ear!! :biggrin:

    Check out your pet and let us know what the sex is?

    The easy way: [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1]The abdomen of the mantis has several segments. The male mantis, which is usually smaller than the female, has eight segments in its abdomen. The female has only six. The female also has a tube called an ovipositor for laying eggs.[/SIZE][/FONT]

    The harder way: put another one in there. If they mate, see who is left because the females eat the males afterwards. :biggrin:
  13. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Checking for the ovipositor WILL get you slapped...

    Keep 'em coming, Desmond!
  14. Safe method : come up with a name that could apply to both genders .
  15. Manny/Mannie the Mantis?? That's why I chose Sydney the Cygnet! LOL Gender unspecific.
  16. well this may be stupid - how about Emerald? It's green, not necessarily male or female? :confused: 
  17. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    Too Cool!
  18. foka


    Oct 29, 2008
    I can't believe it, truly charming desmond ! And I love the photos.
  19. 04749s


    Sep 20, 2008
    east bay area
    Any one remember Get Smart ????
    One character was .... The Craw !!!!
  20. How about a quick video then ? hopefully the link works , I so seldom do videos on youtube . You can see how he battles with that left claw which was actually stuck on the curtain when I got home and I had to unhook it for him .
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