My 'pet' mantis .

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Desmond, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. foka


    Oct 29, 2008
    Lefty the Warrior :D 
  2. More like "Lefty the 'worry' " !
  3. WOW, what a cool video! Keep em comin, anyway ya can!
  4. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Desmond, that is the coolest video! You rock, man.
  5. I just wish it could focus closer in video mode - or if I could take it at higher resolution and crop but I wouldn't know how to do that in windows movie-maker .
    Wednesday morning now - 10 days in total and 5 days on the curtain , he favours a big fold where he can hide his face when I switch the lights on in the morning .
    I found a mantis skin outside on the verandah so I suppose I have to supply a picture of that too now ?
  6. Spot the mantis ! This is a picture of my computer desk and the red circle on the curtain is where lefty has been sitting for the last few days . there is a crease at he top where he likes to 'dig in ' and wait for his meals . I don't know if he moves around during the day or does any of his own hunting because I haven't seen him further than two inches from that spot for the last few days . He's just eaten another mozzie I offered him [ 5:20 18/03/09 ] and I'm about to grab another moth for him for some variety in his diet .

  7. LOL, I think you have lefty spoiled - he has you trained so well! hehe! Keep em comin!
  8. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Des, you are cracking me up. You and Lefty get along so well, and Lefty is so well mannered, I can see you taking him to work on your shoulder and popping him a moth out of your pocket every once in a while.

    Have you ever tried feeding him until he wouldn't eat anymore? Just curious...
  9. I'm not sure that is possible . Last night it was three large mozzies and a small moth , this morning [ thursday] I lured a fat moth into the bathroom with the light on and the window open [ winter's on its way here , dark mornings now ] and passed it to him and his head became a blur again and I had to put one finger on its wing while he adjusted his grip .
    I'll be getting the vacuum cleaner out later to get rid of all the wings and poop at the bottom of the curtain !
  10. He's really thriving, thanks to you! Talk about spoiled, he really has you trained. LOL
  11. jdhdiggs


    Mar 25, 2008
    Sounds like lefty has a great setup. Interesting pet for sure
  12. Lazy little rat ! he certainly has a great setup - thursday afternoon now - hasn't moved from that spot on the curtain . Just devoured a large mozzie and I accidentally killed the small moth I caught and he doesn't take dead insects - I ended up vibrating my arm like crazy until he snatched it away - and then stared at it for a while because it wasn't moving - after 2 minutes now he's finally started nibbling at it .
  13. How's this for a bad direct flash shot ? I caught him another one of those big moths that usually makes his head vibrate but this time he managed to immobilise it with the first grab - talk about needing red-eye reduction !
    [thursday night 8:45pm]

  14. Awesome capture as always Desmond! This is one of the neatest stories I've seen in a long time! It could just about be a great book for kids! Now, if you DO end up with doing a book - I expect an autographed copy!:wink:
  15. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Soon there's not going to be a moth or squeeter within 100 feet of your house. You're going to have to start going to your neighbors and explaining why you are catching bugs on their front porch.

    As much as I like dogs, I'm surprised Lefty isn't getting as much attention as old TD did!
  16. Maybe I'll have to think about a kids book once I know how it's going to end :confused:  . last night I did something that I usually try to avoid at all costs ...... I put on some lights and left the windows open wide to attract insects into my house ! That's how I got that fat moth for lefty . That was his fourth insect from me last night and it looked like he was going to explode . After work this afternoon I'm going to have to get out the vacuum for all those leftover wings and tiny black 'pellets' at the base of the curtain .
  17. It looks like Lefty might be getting quite plump! LOL Excellent close-up image, Desmond. He's faring quite well.
  18. That was taken with the D40 and 18-105 lens , the first two shots focused behind him because of his small head so this shot was taken after pre-focusing on a fold in the curtain - it never came out too bad but maybe this weekend I'll have to set up some decent shots on the tripod .
    "Quite" plump al right - the belly was bulging last night and I decided not to see how far he would go before giving up on more insects !
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  19. Saturday afternoon , 2 weeks since he moved in now . I think lefty might be a bit of a reject , he won't take this mozzie


    Maybe it's a bit big or otherwise it's because I 'damaged' it while capturing it and now he's not sure what it is because he's just staring at it - maybe when it recovers and starts moving he'll wake up and remember what his job is !
    edit: Ha ! 3 minutes later and I blew it a few times to make it move and he did some sideways dancing and took it !
  20. a few minutes later and he seems to have seperated the meaty bits from the legs quite nicely ...

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