My Trip to Africa

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  1. Hello to all. I took this when we had a deployment out to Africa. We helped out a lot in three countries, Camaroon, Gahna, and Gabon, rehab'ing some schools there. This was taken at a school for the mentally challenged. The children were really nice and very photogenic. I used an F4s with a 35-70mm lens. Overall, it was an enjoyable time. I hope you all enjoy the photo.

    God Bless,

  2. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Thanks for posting a very nice image, David. When I view images of people that live in a far off land, I often wonder what their lives are like as compared with ours. The person in your image looks to be happy and enjoying the opportunity to be photographed. The image stimulates so many questions...where do they live, what makes them tick, do they have family, what types of things do they like, favorite food...the list is endless. Amazing what thoughts an image can provoke.

    Happy Thanksgiving, David...stay safe in your mission! :smile:
  3. There are times when I wish other people could leave the place they call home to visit another country. Fortunately I was able to at a very young age and have always been curious as to what all the world has to offer. Unfortunately, there are many from my hometown who have never left home nor do they desire to. Seeing such things and having the opportunity to capture them in a photo helps me to remember where I have been and to be more thankful for what I do have.

    God Bless,
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