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My try at the portrait workshop...

Discussion in 'People' started by Leigh, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Okay, so be kind....but also tell me what you think...

    I went to the portrait workshop with Patrick yesterday and tried my hand at taking a few (as well as posing a bit since Patrick asked...but turnabout is fair play...I got him to pose for me!).

    Young girl models





    Patrick...Mr. GQ!!! (isn't he so handsome...)



    this one was my favorite of Patrick...

  2. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  3. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    Very nicely done Leigh.. it take a real man to wear a pink shirt too... (and let himself be photographed in it too!) :cool: 
  4. Well you must be a quick learner these are very well done, you must be thrilled with the shots of PAtrick. I think you better make some room on your walls I can imagine you both will be hanging a few of these portraits
  5. Very nice shots. And the man in pink is, well, beautiful.
  6. You learned your lessons well Leigh. Nice bright colors, cute kids and a willing husband. Life is good. My favorites of Patrick are the first and last images of him.

    Now for some minor critique as you requested. First the images of the kids, the first image is a little soft and I would add a little sharpening. The second is very well done and has a nice composition. The last image of the girl in the red sweater could stand a little cropping. I would crop closer behind the girl (just inside the white object on the rock) and some off the bottom. This gives the appearance of leaving room for the girl to look into the picture. Lastly, the images of Patrick would all be enhanced by some spot sharpening of the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and should have a little more life to them in your images. Don't overdo it.

    When photographing kids, you have to be kind of a clown to evoke spontaneous expressions on their face. You could ask the older one to give her sister a hug, or ask the younger one to jump on the back of her big sister. Make faces at them, shout, say funny things. There are times when you want to capture a serious or pensive look and that is great as well. These are just random thoughts.

    A very successful photo shoot Leigh and you can feel confident in your abilities.
  7. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    Thats right Dave, and don't you forget it. :biggrin:

    We had a blast just being together. It was a lot of fun.


    you did a great job with these. Much better saturation and wb than I did. I'm very proud of you.

    Oh, and I think my model was much better looking than yours!

  8. Leigh, I enjoyed your portrait stint. What did your boys think about all of this? They must have been surprised at Mom and Dad being the stars of the show. I liked the first image, but, like Gordon, found it soft. The second one, by contrast, is sharp and detailed. One thing bothered me about the poses of the girls. I would have liked to see them looking into the camera. They look like sweethearts and I think you could have brought more of their personalities into your photos if they were looking directly at you.

    I agree with you that the third image of Patrick is the best and I think he looks terrrific in that pink shirt! I'd really love to see that image with a crop to the head and shoulders region. Why don't you give it a try and see what you think?

    aka beaucamera
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2005
  9. Hi Leigh,

    Very very well done. This workshop must have been a real blast for both of you!

    I agree with all of Gordon's constructive feedback, including cropping the last child shot a little on the left.

    He makes a very good point about Patrick's eyes, too. A little brightening there would add considerable sparkle to what are already handsome portraits. (Would also draw some attention away from that shirt. :smile: )

    Very fine work.

    Best wishes,

  10. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    Amen to that.. Much better looking!!!!
  11. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    You did a great job.

    Girl in 4th pic just need a tad brighter on face as does Patricks 2nd image.

    Other than that you got it.

    good job.

    (I sure can't do it)
  12. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Dave, Mike and Phil,

    Patrick is very handsome and is comfortable enough to wear pink....I think it looks rather good on him...although it was light enough that I did have a few problems w/blown highlights on a few.

    Gordon, Yes, the first was a bit soft, I knew, but I liked the pose. I agree about the crop on the last w/the red sweater...problem was that it was already rather heavily cropped as it was and I worried about loss of quality.

    Also, as I stated before, there were 30 photographers in the class. That made it somewhat difficult to "be a clown" or "get their attention"....they were young and not terribly experienced in front of the camera. I didn't want to freak them out as so many were already trying to get their attention. I just tried to do the best I could. Next time around (w/my own kids or neices and such I'll definitely take your advice to heart). Thanks so much for your help.

    Thanks Virginia and David. It was such a fun day! I loved Patrick posing for me!
  13. Hi Leigh,

    I see you and Patrick had good time at the portrait workshop and doing your homework with each other.

    Let me start with the critique even the first is a lovely shot it is out of focus a bit. But that said that is the only critique i can give. So lets get to the good part of this reply.

    I like the next 4 shots the best and can't give you no critiques on these shots. So let me say the second image is very nice and good colours. I also like the fourth and the fifth and love the seventh shot. I think Patrick can be proud of you for taking such a nice shots.

    And Patrick pink suits you good. Like you both said that this was the first real portrait posing and shooting of portraits. There is difference between shooting candids and portraits. With candids the person is not aware of that you are shooting them. With portraits they are aware and sometimes people will put up strange faces because they think it will look good. Or they get nervous or don't know how to stand.

    With you two the benefit is that you both love to photograph so you are good sports to pose for each other. And the second good thing and benefit is that you are feeling relax with each other so you don't have to adjust to some new person who is going to shoot photo's off you. So just keep practicing .... (more like keep shooting more portraits of each other) because you both allready did a great job.

    So thumbs up and thanks for sharing us your work. I know how hard it can be sometimes to get a person relax and to let them get used to the camera and me photographing them. Sometimes they are shocked about studio lighting too haha. it it it .... flashed.... Then i say yes because i took a photo of you. Then they say but it is not connected to your camera. Then i have to explain that it uses infrared light to trigger the flash. Then it takes another 5 minutes to get them calmed down after their new discovery of infra red use with lights. Like the never used a infrared remote control for the TV. Then i ask myself do they use a remote control with a chord at there home....!!!

    So Leigh and Patrick i know you both had a good time for sure, but i also had good time to enjoy your photo's. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Leigh,

    Let me answer your list of numbers if i may!

    1) You are totally right. One child is not a other child one is loving it other one wants to hide. But allways try to be on their level even on the same height. So lower yourself to their height so they feel your as big as them to talk to them. If you notice that you ask them something that they don't like or don't wanna talk about try to find something else to talk about. Oh and children you know everything about them you have them yourself so you know how to handle them.

    2) Shooting children with 30 other photographers is just not working. I find it also not really good to let them shoot all together at the same time. Even a proffesional model would get confused with so many photographers at once. Or it must be a catwalk so they can just do their stuff and not hear to look here and there.

    3) Your right about that. But ever shoot is different. Some go easily some have problems. You can control as much as you can but sometimes you can't control it all. So just by doing it learns you alot. And again for your first portrait shoot i think you did a great job on Patrick his photo's.

    4) That is the thing i love also on this forum. Nobody feels themself good or bad enough to ask for help and to give advice or reply or comments back. The friendly way of treatment and respect to each other is very high here on this board. And that is one thing that most people love of this forum. I hope this will be retained by all the people out here.

    5) It is the person who makes the photo who gets the best out off the camera you use. So yes i bet the CP8800 camera is good camera but if you where not good in photography i bet the photo's would not looked good so the camera would be bad. I see sometimes people who uses some camera's and complain about the camera because it don't give what they see. But they also don't spend time to learn the basics of photography. So they don't admit they don't know enough about what they are doing they blame the camera for it.

    6) So you have few extra pounds but you still are model. You where modelling for Patrick. I bet he find you the best model he ever have photographed. And i bet there are enough of us out here that would love to shoot you as model. And standing as model can only be fun when you feel relax. So that says enough about you and Patrick. Oh don't forget this. Do you really think all these so called models are so perfect? Most of them get photoshoped. Skin smoothing, removed blemishes, make up retouching, eye retouching. And sometimes even they get liquified to get bigger breasts or butts or smaller butts or breasts. There is alot of fake modelshoots but it is still a art.

    So Leigh i hope you and Patrick schedule a new photoshoot together so we all can enjoy both of yours improvements.

  15. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Thanks for your encouragement Vince....You are right on all counts. All things to think about and I'll definitely try to schedule another "shoot" w/Patrick...maybe even find me a REAL model....I've got a really photogenic neice, maybe she'll pose for me! If so, I'll let you all know what happens.

    One thing to consider, for me, this is a photography things is a hobby. I have no aspirations to become a pro! That being said, I always look for ways to improve. Just because I want to remain an amateur, it doesn't mean I have to appear an amateur. We all have room for improvement, whether or not we choose to step into that room that's up to us....Myself...I hope the door is always open to that room, I'll be the first to step inside!
  16. Leigh,

    Those are great, particularly those of Patrick, in pink and all! :smile: It must have been a really fun thing to do together. All done with the 8800? Great!
  17. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Yep, all done w/the CP8800. I'm thinking about a DSLR, but right now, I'm happy w/what I have...my main complaint being how long it takes from one shot to the next in RAW while the camera saves my picture. Other than that, I love what that little camera can do (especially the macro ability).
  18. In my profession I know, ALWAYS, to side with the ladies...therefore I am happy to tell you that your shots of the young girls are better than Patrick's shots of the young girls.

    See how smart I've become from hanging around women all day! :biggrin:
  19. I wish I could attend a portrait workshop. Looks like you learned a great deal because your photos are wonderful. Now you need to share the specifics of what you have learned with us.

    I especially like the portraits of Patrick. He looks great. You should frame one of each of you and hang them up together.
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