My very first time using two bottles

Sep 13, 2007
Northern VA suburb of Washington, DC
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I look forward to seeing your photos!

Your Pluto system is basically the same as when I use just one bottle. The basic difference is that the Pluto system includes a mariotte siphon to keep the pressure in the bottle constant. The system I use doesn't have that but I could add it and might do that someday.

A maintenance tip I learned just a couple days ago from a very experienced guy: If you are using water or water and a thickener such as Xanthan Gum, empty the system and then run hot water through it to clean it after each session. (Hopefully the Pluto system has a purge capability so you don't have to do that one drop at a time.) If you are using most any other liquid such as a dairy product or acrylic paint, dissasemble the valve and thoroughly clean it with hot water after each session.

I found the following eBook very helpful and still occasionally refer to it:

I was also recently advised to occasionally lubricate the O-ring on the valve lightly with Silicon lubricant to help it last longer. That sounds like overkill to me. I bought some lubricant and will use it on the theory that any hobby that doesn't include overkill is not a hobby worth having. :D
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