My visit to Black Point on Merritt Island..

Discussion in 'Merritt Island II' started by Backdoctor, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. continued lousy skies, but did the best I could. Shot the D2H with the 300 f4 and Birger lent me his 1.7x. In my opinion, the 1.7x is a fine tc, but I am spoiled by the sharpness and performance of my 1.4x. 500mm is nice, but it may be pushing the 300 f4 a bit much. You tell me.

    the one below is heavily cropped:
    this one is cropped a lot too, took out the body:
    patient fisherbird:
    these guys did not let us get close. Mom and pop were in our faces:
    adult feeding youngster:
  2. Simply Awesome stuff you guys did great looks liek you got great stuff despite the weather
  3. Gordon Large

    Gordon Large Guest

    Hey Harris -

    That's great stuff for a lousy day. I really like the little green guy. Did you catch a bit of sun or use flash? The detail and colors are great.

    FWIW I don't think using the TC17 with the 300/4 is pushing it if the light is halfway decent. Based on these shot you were above the threshhold.

  4. Harris, these look great! I don't see any degradation in quality with the 1.7. I may have to look into that one. I'm using the Tamron 1.4 but I'd still like a little longer (except for flying birds at the rookery ;)  ).

    Sorry I couldn't hook up with you today but I just stayed local. Regards to Mary ~ she's a hoot! ;) 
  5. Hi Harris,

    Super photos (as usual for you!)

    Is the Osprey nest the one just over the bridge to Merritt Island where we saw the Ospreys with the fish and then mating?

    Bob & Nan
  6. Nice set of images. I actually think the lack of a blue sky made these better.

    Some of my best images were made with the gray/hazy sky.

  7. Thanks Gordon, the sun came out a bit, so I ran to the osprey nest, and saw this little greenie in the trees below.
  8. Fanstic, was this the same opsrey nest we shot in the early spring
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