My Wife and I

Discussion in 'People' started by Bohdan, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. went for a "trek" with a couple of friends to a place called silver falls - near Thunder Bay.
    The "trek" lasted 3 hours in the bush. The snow wasn't so deep that we needed snowshoes but deep enough to give us a good work out.


    Ahh my bride taking a minute to warm up with some hot chocolate!


    Thanks for looking

    Bohdan "Bob" Tkaczyk
  2. Real winter trekking, something I want to do one day.

    But feel cold already just by looking at your photos.

    Thanks for the images, Bob.

  3. Thanks wasn't so much cold as taxing on your lungs....

  4. Nice shots Bohdan, it looks like you had a great time. I love going into the woods with my snowshoes. No meaningful white stuff here yet (but it'll come:eek: :eek: :eek: ).

  5. Thanks Fritz....Winter...gotta love it!

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