My wife bred a monster in our garden

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  1. When we returned from our holiday I took a look at our garden - and I was shocked. The pumpkin seeds my wife had planted earlier this year went mad. The small plant (when we left) sent a trailer across the garden which grew 3 meters within the 3 weeks of our absence (must have been rather wet here). The first thing that came into mind was "Little shop of horrors" :eek:


    However, I love their flowers. The are open only for one day before they whither. This and the previous pic were shot with the 70-200VR.


    I also took the opportunity to take a few first test shots with my newly acquired 85PC. The tilt function is a bit tricky to use (not from the handling point of view, rather as regards the result you want to achieve), but the optical quality of this lens is nothing short of stunning, especially considering that the following pics were shot at ISO 800, handheld. I am really looking forward to using it with a tripod, mirror-lockup and cable release.


    View attachment 15248

    View attachment 15249

    Hope you like them
  2. Harry, as long as it doesn't bite ... :confused: looks pretty cool...
    I guess the seeds where in the same box as your PC lens... :rolleyes:
  3. And I thought that was silicagel :confused:
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