My wife has taken my camera away

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  1. So I thought I would go back through some of the photos I have taken in the last year, looking for "sleepers" that I did not really think about too much on the first pass. I took this one last December on the beach below my house in late afternoon winter light and some flash fill. I have added contrast in photoshop, but the saturation is what came out of the camera (well, as much as you can say from a raw shot).

    D2H 1/60s f/8 at 105mm iso200

    In case you were wondering, I am not in trouble :biggrin: Gloria just needed the camera to take some photos of her mother with some of her friends she is visiting tomorrow. She was nervous about using the D2X, but I just handed it to her, explained how to focus and put on the flash, and she proceeded to take a series of great portraits. Shows how ergonomic the D2 series is...
  2. Gee, I thought you had been a bad boy Rory. Hope she will give it back to you tomorrow. When she see's what a beauty it is you may be in for some problems. Like the big rocks but the orange thing may have some blown red's/oranage in it. At least it looks that way to me.
  3. Totally blown I would say :biggrin: That is what caused me to pass it by last year. I kind of like the shock value...

    If things work out, I'll post a couple of Gloria's photos.
  4. Rory that orange really stand out, is that a rock or some kind of metal?
  5. Rory
    If that is Gold, no problem, buy another D2X.
  6. It is a rock. One of our beaches has lots this colour - this was just after a rain, so they were wet.