My 'wife's week-end flowers'...

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  1. Here's two shot with Nikon D70 and Tamron SP90 f/2.8.

    Pic #1 was 1:500 @ f/27


    Pic #2 was 1:500 @ f/13


    Both were shot in RAW at ISO 200, using the onboard flash (reduced at 1/2 power) to drive my SB-80DX hand-held...

    I have re-discovered the pleasure of being able to use a fast shutter-speed with the flash... it makes it so much easier to obtain a real BLACK background ! (BTW, i didn't even had to use a black material: i just shot them where they were, in the center of the living-room, with the nearest wall about 4 m. (12") behind them !)

    Hope you'll like them...

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  2. BigPixel

    BigPixel Guest

    loverly JP! The master of black background macro is back in business.....cheers.

    PS: I'm doing fine, no matter what Ron thinks. (wink)
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Beautiful JP.

    wow what a gorgeous rose.
    Good work
  4. I agree with Gale-what a beauty! And that Tamron is just a killer lens!! So sharp! Nicely done!
  5. Hi Mike ! Thanks for the nice comment ! I thought/hoped you'd be around...

  6. Excellent work. Love the light.
  7. Boy, JP, you know how to shoot 'em. I really like your composition in image #2.

    aka beaucamera
  8. Hi Gale and Kevin !

    Thanks for the kind words ! In fact, i only begin now to understand how the D70 reacts... as compared to the Fuji S2 ! The post-process is entirely different: it needs much more sharpening, but more color and contrast enhancement !

    As for the Tamron, it's been the first lens i bought, together with the S2, 2 1/2 years ago, and still the lens i use the most, perhaps because i shoot more "macros" than anything else...

  9. Hi Virginia ! Thanks for the comment... in fact, i reckon that it has more to do with the inceasing knowledge (but still not enough) of the post-processing... i changed my way of PP'ing, now using "Lab Color" mode, and it seems that i can get much easely nice and vibrant colors...

  10. Wow...neat ones JP....#2 is spectacular :biggrin:
  11. J-P, I don't know if you remember but you gave me some tips on pp quite a while ago (3-pass USM sharpening). I now use that process on every non-portrait shot that I take and the results are very nice. Is that one of the processes that you have changed? I'm curious to know as your results are always stellar!!
  12. Hi Kevin ! The thing is that i tried -without having read much on the subject- the different possibilities that Lab Color mode offers, the USM using only the "lightness" channel, and as usual, i give an USM at full size, then, if i reduce for Web use, i give it another go after resizing. But there is another thing: my Fuji S2 broke down and now i'm using a D70, so the "out of the box" images are totally different, and also need totally different treatments: i can't use the amount of USM that i used to apply before, and i'm kind of struggling to get it right... but i feel it's slowly coming :wink: !

  13. gvk


    Jun 17, 2005
    Mystic, CT
    I have been fond of roses ever since I helped my grandmother (well I thought I was helping!) tend her garden over 50 years ago. Now I try to photograph them at every opportunity.

    These are outstanding shots with excellent color gradations and textures! I am not usually a fan of black backgrounds, but in these shots the absence of background color does highlight the flowers well.

    The lighting is particularly fine. There are no specular highlights, with just a bit of direct reflection from the leaves. The shadows are well diffused and not too deep while retaining excellent overall contrast. I often mess this up when using flash in my own macros. Well done!
  14. I learn something(s) new everyday, and nearly EVERY time I click on one of your posts. Very impressive!
    LAB huh, hmmnn
  15. cmpalmer


    Jan 27, 2005
    Huntsville, AL
    The texture on the petals is amazing. You typically see the soft focus/small DOF shots, or the bright sunlight sharpened (or over sharpened) shots, but the limited light on these gives you a sharp focus and a nice papery texture. The bloom on the first one looks almost like a pencil or pastel drawing -- only when you see the whole picture does it begin to look like a photograph -- and the rich colors on the edges of the petals in the second frame it perfectly.
  16. FishSauce


    Aug 10, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Very sharp, great capture
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