My workstation

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  1. This is where I do my surfing and processing. Playing around with card readers tonight and testing them so I threw the flash and 17-55 on and shot a few, might as well share.


  2. nfoto

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    Quite tidy and neat as far as a photographer's workspace is concerned, but that Coke eventually will end up in the keyboard :biggrin: Don't care much about the weaponry though.

    Probably I would need stitched fisheye images to show my place(s) :smile: : I'm more into distributed computing systems running off a gigabit network.
  3. Very nice Dave looks real comfy nice place to sit and work on your pictures... watch that coke bottle it will get you one day!
  4. alright, this brings up the question: which is worse, coke or wine???
  5. lowlight_junkie


    Nov 28, 2005
    Coke makes your nose fall to pieces! :) definatley worse!
  6. Nice looking setup..even if it is windows. :D

    Here is mine. Currently it's about to be boxed up for the move. The G5 is on the floor now.

  7. That is what I suspected, will stick to the wine :^)
  8. I like it John. Definately intrigued with Mac products.