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Nadja's diary

Discussion in 'European Get Together' started by Harry S., Jun 17, 2007.

  1. My dad already gave a brief introduction to this marvellous weekend. Of course, he forgot to mention the more essential parts.
    It was my first trip abroad!!!

    Upon arrival, there was a whole new territory for me to explore - how exciting.
    Eileen showed me her little garden house her grandfather had built for her and said "Feel at home!"

    I took this a bit too literally and redesigned the interior by removing everything that was inside. Now there was room to move :smile:

    (70-200VR) - you see, I already understand all this tech stuff.
    NIKON D200    ---    200mm    f/3.5    1/320s    ISO 200

    There were swamps for Mom and Dad but I prefer the little creeks to play in ...

    (45/2.8 P)
    NIKON D200    ---    45mm    f/7.1    1/250s    ISO 200

    ... or to have a stroll through the dark forests. Fortunately, there weren't any trolls around, ...

    (45/2.8 P)
    NIKON D200    ---    45mm    f/5.6    1/250s    ISO 400

    ... only friendly animals


    View attachment 101166

    That big river was very tempting. I would have dearly liked to jump in but Mom took care I didn't ...

    NIKON D200    ---    170mm    f/4.5    1/500s    ISO 200

    .. something I could not agree on because a rafting tour over these fine cataracts a bit further downstream would have been lot of fun.

    (12-24 DX)
    View attachment 101168

    Being out in the wild for such a long time makes hungry. The maternal catering service worked perfectly so I decided to have a little picnic in a small forest glade.

    NIKON D200    ---    82mm    f/3.5    1/320s    ISO 200

    And, there's nothing against a little afternoon nap.

    NIKON D200    ---    70mm    f/7.1    1/30s    ISO 200

    While I was asleep, Dad made a shooting with model Eileen. Wait till I am old enough :biggrin:

    (45/2.8 P)
    View attachment 101171

    View attachment 101172

    On the evening of the last day, Dad borrowed a lens from Michael, something like a 105 DC or so. He told me something about the special rendition in portraits but I don't care as long as I look good. Now that I see the results I have to admit it would be nice if he got that lens for himself (although I know that Mom would not be happy about another piece of glass).
    Anyway, I never knew that I am so pretty (or do the credits go to that lens?).

    (105/2 DC)
    NIKON D200    ---    105mm    f/2.0    1/640s    ISO 100

    NIKON D200    ---    105mm    f/2.0    1/320s    ISO 100

    NIKON D200    ---    105mm    f/4.5    1/500s    ISO 400

    Dad obviously liked that lens very much, that's why I forgave him when he, for a change, captured Mom instead of me.

    NIKON D200    ---    105mm    f/4.5    1/350s    ISO 400

    I hope you enjoyed my little travelogue.

    (disregard the sig - I have written that all by myself)
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Seems such a shot time ago these beautiful children had come into the world

    wow how time flys.

    All super images of the beautiful Ladys:>:) )
  3. Beautiful set. She's so lovely.

    It seems like not too long ago when you showed us her photos when she was born. Time flies.
  4. Absolutely bloody marvellous. I have a tear in my eye.:smile::smile:

    Bob F.
  5. Harry, these are wonderful.
    I loved your travelogue through Nadja's eyes.
    She's getting to be quite the young lady.

    You and Michael may be bad influences on each other.
    I remember how you tortured me with all your wonderful glass!

    aka beaucamera

    BTW, Now, I guess you'll have to build Nadja a playhouse too.
  6. What a lovely post, Nadja!

    It was a real experience spending these nice days with you and your Parents. :biggrin:

    I think I've discovered why your Daddy experiences his "decreasing" hairstyle.....


    Please wait for it to fully load!
  7. What a great gif(t) for Harry on Father's Day!
    A special Happy Father's Day to you too!

    aka beaucamera
  8. That gif is sensational - reflects a normal situation in a father-daughter relationship :wink:

  9. Oh dear Harry, you are going to have a big problem when Nadja reaches her teens.

    She is beautiful, her parents are pretty good as well.

  10. Harry, very nice series, your daughter looks very adorable. Well done. (both)
  11. I have watched the interaction between father and daughter for ages and it takes me back 41 years to when my own 1.1/2 year old daughter used to do the same to me. There is something wonderful about witnessing/experiencing the unconditional love that a child will give to a parent, and sometimes one forgets and therefore needs reminding again. This hits that spot with a vengence.

    I can hear her squealing out with joy.:smile::smile:

    Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, my daddy's the man.
    Bake me a cake as fast as you can.
    Prick it and pat it and fill it with love.
    As I am a present from heaven above.

    LOL Bob and Pam
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 18, 2007
  12. DABO


    Jan 13, 2006
    Nicely done, Harry! Something for the generations to treasure.

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