Naneu Pro Lima review (with pics)

Feb 14, 2006
La Jolla, CA
I just got back from 3 amazing weeks in China. Took along a new (to me) bag, the Naneu Pro Lima. It seemed slightly cramped for my travel kit, but proved to be nearly perfect. I found it at a local pro photo store (Nelson, in Little Italy) for a whopping $35. As I walked around the store with my gear inside, a girl asked, "Is that a camera bag?" I nodded. "Where?" she asked. I pointed. They sold 2 that hour. The saleslady said they're a great company to deal with.

Naneu Pro Lima (Military Ops series)

Good stuff
  • Excellent, comfortable padded strap
  • Very configurable
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Small, discreet
  • Easy to change lenses

Less good stuff
  • Not waterproof (doesn't claim to be)
    We got soaked on a river cruise in Guilin; no major leaks, but generally damp afterwards
  • I think the slightly larger model (Sierra, $65) that can hold a laptop would work better, but the laptop padding is bulky and not removable; also its large outside pocket has a magnetic/fold closure
  • Shoulder strap is too long; required a tuck for me
  • Straps on outside (ends) are sewn to the bag, so no easy mounting of pouches (hence the 'biner for the flash)

Closed (black thing is SB-600 bag on a carabiner)
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Me wearing it in Shanghai (for reference, I'm 5-5/165 cm)
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Peek view
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Removable compartments hold the big stuff
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I got all this stuff inside, for an easy-to-schlep 11.5 lbs/5.2 kg
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Contents, interior
  • D200
  • 17-50 Tamron
  • 10-20 Sigma
  • 75-150 Nikkor
  • 50/1.4 AIS (under 17-50)
  • 24/2 AIS (under 10-20)
  • 2 spare batteries
  • polarizers
  • 3T closeup lens (52mm)
  • Lenspen
  • WhiBal card
  • CF wallet (4gb, 2x2gb, 2x1gb)
  • microfiber cloths
  • Sharpies (permanent markers)

zippered flat pocket
  • better bounce card
  • gels for flash
  • stand for flash

outer pocket (velcro closure)
  • Sudafed/Dayquil/Imodium just in case (my respiratory tract needs more help than the GI)
  • Xlear (nasal cleaning/moisturizing spray)
  • tissues/hand sanitizers
  • Chapstick/lotion
  • spare scrunchie
  • bandana (indispensable)

  • SB-600 in bag on carabiner
  • The 2 front pockets can expand to squeeze in a small water bottle apiece

    The straps and bag color match. Color is closest to the straps in these shots. Also comes in black (same orange interior).

    With the inserts removed, this will make an excellent laptop/everyday bag. And did I mention it's a lousy $35? Great bag!
Jan 13, 2006
Great write-up, Nancy. I'm not in the market for another bag right now, but if I was, I'd be tempted. I like the fact that it doesn't really look like a camera bag. My current bag is the Slingshot 200. It seems to hold about the same amount of stuff as the Lima.

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