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NASCAR Toyotas

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by DW Brewer, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. DW Brewer

    DW Brewer Guest

    Stepped outside "my comfort zone" last night to image a different subject (I usually do nature imaging). The local minor league baseball team (where I have a "summer job") has the backing of the local Toyota Dealer. Last night, the promotion was NASCAR Night, and the local Toyota dealer was instrumental in securing the Toyota NASCAR Simulator and display of the NSACAR Toyota Camry and Craftsman Tundra. Periodically they would fire up the Camry: 440 NASCAR-approved ponies running wild!!! Talk about music -- and sitting not 50 feet from my work station. Instant reverb throughout the stadium!! Here are five images taken with my trusty P&S, which I usually have along with me.

    DMC-LZ5    ---    6mm    f/5.6    1/2000s    ISO 400

    DMC-LZ5    ---    6mm    f/5.6    1/2000s    ISO 400

    DMC-LZ5    ---    7mm    f/5.8    1/400s    ISO 400

    DMC-LZ5    ---    6mm    f/5.6    1/400s    ISO 400

    DMC-LZ5    ---    6mm    f/2.8    1/80s    ISO 400
  2. Bill K

    Bill K

    Jan 29, 2006
    Reno, Nevada
    Very nice images, Here is a shot of the new COT (Car of Tomorrow) that NASCAR will use full time in 2008, Notice the spoiller on the rear. This picture was taken at Infineon Raceway in June. Also the NASCAR cars of now have about 750 horse power unless it is at a restrictor plate race and the power is down from that.
    Thanks for sharing your NASCAR pictures, Good job.
    Bill K

  3. DW Brewer

    DW Brewer Guest

    Ahhh; much prefer the action image to static shots. Your horsepower figure is more in line with what I thought their horsepower would be, but the mechanic accompanying the cars assured me that the car was set for 440 horsepower and the "powers that be" (i.e., NASCAR) WOULD BE CERTIFYING THAT PARTICULAR HORSEPOWER RATING. Incidentally, the car was enroute to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400 this weekend..
  4. Bill K

    Bill K

    Jan 29, 2006
    Reno, Nevada
    Hmmm, Not really sure he would say 440hp, I do know nascar, Most of the time when a car is showed at a dealer like that it is a retired car just for showing, And if that is the case it could very well be 440hp de-tuned. I really don't think they would take a true race car to a dealer that was on it's way to a race and take the chance of something happening to it.
    Don't take me wrong, I don't know everything, It is possible I guess, I know the cars that are racing were at the Brickyard Thursday for pratice Friday morning.
    Also if you notice the 22 car it doesn't have a camera mounted on the roof as all cars competing do.
  5. dsp921


    May 16, 2006
    I'm not 100% positive, but I think the restrictor plate motors put out a little more than 400hp, so 440hp is definitely possible. Unrestricted they put out 770hp.
  6. senna


    Jan 6, 2007
    San Jose Ca.
    Bill is corect in that there is no way the primary or back up would be on display. This a show car with a motor for a show car not a curent race motor.
    They could very well ge takeing a show car to indy though.to show it not race it. How or why NASCAR would regulate a motor for a show, I dont now.
  7. robjencampbell


    Aug 2, 2007
    love the pictures would love to be at a race and take garage pictures
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