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Natalia Photo Shoot - Image Heavy (images fixed/added)

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by staceylynn, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I "met" Natalia on Model Mayhem a couple of weeks ago and asked her to model for me. We got together today with a few ideas, no solid plans, and this is the outcome. We're both rather pleased. :smile:

    There are more at my flickr (linked in my signature) if you're interested in seeing more.















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  2. stacey
    she is a beautiful woman
    and your images of her are STELLAR
    i really think that i like ALL of them

    nice that you could have NO DEFINITE PLANS..... and STILL come up with these

    now..... THAT'S talent

    thanks for sharing
  3. Stacy, this is really good work. Your colors and use of the dragonfly are unique and lend a special touch to your last few images. For some reason that I can't quite put my finger on image #2 really catches my eye. Natalie is a beautiful mode and your were fortunate to work with her.
  4. Zee71


    Apr 1, 2007
    Queens, NY

    Beautiful captures and a beautiful model to work with.............it really shows in your work. I'm totally captivated by her eyes. Excellent post process work as well.
  5. Beautiful girl, stunning captures!
  6. Thanks for your kind comment, Greg! :) 

    I had a few ideas in mind but the more I thought about them, the more worries I was they wouldn't work out (for instance, the first ones were taken at my salon down town and I was worried the house wouldn't fit into frame like I wanted). She was along for the ride, though, and I think once we stopped thinking so much about it, everything came together.

    Thank you, Gordon! :smile: I just saw those dragonflies at the craft store a few days ago and knew I had to have them for the shoot, though I didn't know what I'd do with them. We just went with what ideas came and viola! I really like the second one as well - I think it looks very calm yet a little too eery.

    Thanks, Mark! She was great and I hardly had to direct her at all. Twas a lot of fun!

    I tried some new things in my PP (mostly touching up the skin so much), but I liked it for this shoot.
  7. cleoent


    Dec 21, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    Brilliant series!

    She's stunning and so are your pics!
  8. Not sure about the Dragon Flies, but I love the other shots!

    Great work.
  9. I'm blown away... Absolutely brilliant images!

    She's a beautiful model as well; she has something unique about her that really makes these images amazing to me.
  10. Phil


    Nov 25, 2007
    Stacey, every shot is great. I like how her eye make-up matches the dragon flies colors.
    I also like your post processing on them, can you share some of it?
  11. stacey...
    you have the PERFECT mix of SKILL and CREATIVITY
    that certainly will yield wonderful results, more times than not
  12. These are all very nice but too many to comment on. I've always felt that three images in a post will get you more meaningful comments... I mean where do you start?

    But, that's just my opinion.
  13. awesome, awesome and awesome. Superb work...did I say awesome yet?
  14. she is gorgeous!!!!!!!
  15. Thank you, I am glad you liked them! :smile:

    Thanks, Leo - she was great to work with.

    To each his own...thank you! :smile:

    Thanks! She was only the second girl (first model) I've photographed that didn't have tattoos. Twas a nice change and she knew what she was doing, so that helped a lot.

    Thanks! The makeup idea was last and kind of spur of the moment.

    As far as PP, I mostly just did a little curves (S shape) and of course CSpringer's skinfix, but not run all the way through.

    Thanks, Woody.

    Too many, not enough, in too many places, too blah...no one can please you, huh? :tongue:

    So, do you think they're awesome?! :wink: Thanks!!!

    Thanks, Laura, and fun to boot, as well. :smile:
  16. ArtO


    Jun 14, 2008
    You're very talented and Natalia is quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  17. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    My goodness Stacey. Yes, the model is gorgeous but you as a photographer are in control of bringing it out, and you did well, with both angles, light and location.

    And you smoothed her skin beautifully.... which makes me feel I'd love to model for you one day, although I really don't know how to do it well.
  18. Wonderful stuff. Pretty model, fantastic photography and great processing.

    This is awesome work. You've shown her beauty with your super photo skills and didn't have to cheapen her by undressing her to get people to stop and look at your images.

    Anyone can put makeup on a halfway decent looking person, get them half-naked and throw some lights in the mix... and get attention because our society is so sexually driven, but you have shown everyone that your skills are better than that. I say well done!

    I also think you and Linda would make a great team. :wink:
  19. aos111


    Mar 9, 2008
    little rock ar
    A superb set of shots.

  20. Stacy,
    I always know I am going to see something unusual, creative, and wonderful when I look at one of your threads.
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