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Nat'l Air & Space Udvar-Hazy Center Annex

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by NostalgicDad, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. I was traveling on business near DC last week and had the chance to make a trip over to this wonderful museum located next to Dulles Int'l airport. Lots of aircraft to say the least. There's also an observation tower for watching planes arrive and depart Dulles. Not a bad way to kill some time while working. :wink:

    Here are some shots I thought I'd share.





    The Blackbird SR-71. This thing flew from LA to DC in 1 hour and 4 minutes when it was handed over to the museum. That's just a little fast!








    I had to shoot this through the plexiglass they have on the railing protecting the front of the Enola Gay.


    It was pretty difficult to get a good angle of the Concorde. It's much longer than you might think.


  2. Air museums are no easy shoot - you have done a fantastic job!

    Good to see the Enola Gay is back in one piece and properly displayed.

    The SR-71 pitot shot is exceptional.

  3. Tom Larsen

    Tom Larsen

    Jan 18, 2008

    Thanks for posting these. For some reason it had not registered with me, that there was this museum in addition to Air & Space at the Smithsonian. Your EXIF data is not there, can you tell which body and lens you used, and would you mind sharing your settings? My guess is the Sigma 10-20.

    It looks like there is a mezzanine level along one side of the big hall, is that correct and can you get up there? I remember the Air & Space being crowded with people, it looks like you had this place almost to yourself.

    The light looks like a real challenge, you did well.
  4. Danny,

    Thanks for posting this and reminding me of the resource. I was there about a year or so ago and never thought to shoot the actual building. Of course, it we did have over cast skys and off/on showers that day. As someone else put - museums are tough shoots. Everything is just crammed in. Planes like the Enola Gay and Concorde are just way too big.

    Good shots of the SR-71 - one of my favorites birds.
  5. zerocool


    Jan 21, 2008
    Tracy Calif
    grat series!
  6. seiler


    Aug 11, 2008
    Those are some really neat photos. I might have to add that to my places to visit list. Photo #7 is pretty cool too :biggrin:

  7. kwork


    Jun 8, 2006
    #4, #7, and #8 are my favorites.

    Looks like an awesome place to visit, even if it is difficult to photograph
  8. I appreciate all the nice comments. :smile:

    Tom.....Thanks. I used my D300 and switched between the 18-50 and 10-20 for these shots. All inside shots were done in aperture priority using f/2.8 on the 18-50 and f/4 on the 10mm shots. I manually adjusted the ISO between 800 and 1600 as needed to keep the shutter speed above 1/30 in most cases. There were a couple of others not posted that I went to ISO2500. The outside shots were also aperture priority using the 10-20 on all of them. Generally speaking, I used F/16 and ISO 200. You can see the exact EXIF and the other shots in this gallery.

    The different levels you are seeing are actualy long, ramp-like walkways that run nearly the length of the hangar. Most of the planes are on the floor but there are lots of them hanging as well. There are plenty of walkways to provide you with many views of the place. It's laid out really well I think. I got there on a Thursday right at opening (10am). Even the folks working there were commenting on how slow it had been that week. Apparently that's not usually the case though. Looks like I hit it just right. :tongue:
  9. Tom Larsen

    Tom Larsen

    Jan 18, 2008

    Thanks for reply and the link, I'll say you made the best of it. That was an outstanding tour of the museum. I would drive the three hours up there just to see the SR-71. I had a 24-70 for my visit to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, and it was not wide enough. I am hoping to barter for a Nikon 17-35 f2.8. That should get me close, but I do notice you had to go very wide on quite a few shots.

  10. Yep, I found that there are so many aircraft to see, it's difficult to isolate a single one for the best effect, especially the larger aircraft.

    The museum was literally a 2 mile drive from my hotel and virtually the same distance to drive to Dulles to catch my flight home. What better way to knock out a few free hours, eh?
  11. Fantastic !!

  12. evokel


    Sep 6, 2008
    pic of blackbird is so nice!

  13. Thanks for the nice comments! :smile:
  14. jln319


    Oct 12, 2005
    SF Bay area
    Very nice... I was there a couple years ago. Loved it there...

  15. Thanks, Jeff! :smile:
  16. Excellent exterior captures. I was there on a very wet day and missed the exterior. Great work.
  17. jafo


    Jun 11, 2008
    Chatsworth, CA
    Sweet... I have pretty much all the same shots as you. It's funny seeing that shot of the SR-71 in EVERYBODY's photos from there. Everyone goes up on the walkway above it to take that same shot. :) 

    Here I am... LOL.


  18. Thanks folks! :smile:
  19. ive got a bunch of shots from the udvar hazy center but ill just share my fav 2

    NIKON D40X    ---    28mm    f/4.2    1/30s    ISO 1250

    NIKON D40X    ---    135mm    f/5.0    1/50s    ISO 1600
  20. Glideslope


    Feb 8, 2006
    Nice work Dan. Excellent composition, IMO. :smile:
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