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"Natural" HDR in landscape

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by Elf_8, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. I am just beginning to explore High Dynamic Range by combining multiple bracketed shots using PhotoMatix.
    I have seen some great results posted here and elsewhere. Most of them bear an easily recognizable graphic signature, something close to the artistic comic book drawings. It is even so that I used an edge outline filter in PS here to get close to this effect :
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    But I was wondering how I could use the HDR technique in "natural" landscape renditions. Here is the result, taken from five D200 shots, taken at 0, -2, -2 +1 and +2 EV, in one second ! For comparing, I also add the "0" image from the series. What strikes me is the difference in the clouds and in the far horizon. It was a damp and hot day in the St Lawrence valley, and the HDR is better in resolving the details at a distance, close to the horizon.
    What do you think ?
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  2. Christian, you succeeded to show more detail in your landscape shot, but somehow you managed to get a strong magenta cast in your pictures (both versions).
  3. :smile: That's an interesting comment to make to a colourblind (daltonian) photographer ! No wonder though they both have the same cast as they are from the same continuous high speed series. I'll go back and check the white balance in the originals.
  4. Uuuh. I have to apologize, I wasn't aware that you're color blind. :redface: Hope you don't feel offended!
  5. murreywalker


    Mar 25, 2005
    Elf, nice to see someone else working with HDR.

    In addition to the magenta cast in the aerial comments that have been made, I would make one observation WRT the bridge.

    Your luminosity is too great, hence the "halo" effect running the strong diagonal of the bridge proper.

    BTW, this is a good example of HDR's ability to combine the highlights and the shadows of the various exposures. HDR really works well where there are extremes in both highlights and shadows.

    Congrats on a great start!

  6. murreywalker


    Mar 25, 2005
    This is a great place to start. Quite a few links here also.

  7. Oh, no, don't worry - it is MY problem - or is it any ? Only, from time to time, it creeps out and I laugh at it.
    BTW I am just wondering if I had a blue/gold polarizer on at that time. I experimented a lot with it on this outing. Perhpas it fooled the automatic WB.
  8. using HDR photomatix

    I started to use photomatix a couple of weeks ago. I didn't shoot landscapes at the time but some interiors of dark churches bearing strong light coming from the windows.
    Well... I am not completely pleased with the results as I ended up loosing some details in the highlight areas. May be I was expecting too much...
    Anyway, here are some examples for which I'd like to see your comments/suggestions:

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    View attachment 100649
    View attachment 100650

  9. Thanks for the info Murrey - as I am just begining to expiriment, allow me to ask you further : are you talking about the luminosity at the time of the shooting, or while adjusting the levels in Photomatix ?
  10. murreywalker


    Mar 25, 2005
    I'm talking about luminosity in Photomatix. Too much in cerain instances and volia, you have the halo effect.

    I know, I've done it enough times.:biggrin:
  11. Hi !
    The sequence is not complicated. The highlight halo in this case might be a soughtafter effect and you can control it using Photomatix' Detail Enhancer in its Tone Mapping Module. After that, in PhotoShoop, I applied an additionnal filter effect : Filter - Artistic - Poster Edges.
  12. A collegue told me this URL:


    Very educating site as it allows one to render and view an image based on an uploaded image that shows how a colourblind would perceive the that image. Found it intering as I always wondered how the perception of certain colours are for colourblind people.
  13. LJ0913

    LJ0913 Guest

    I like the bridge shot. Nice details!
  14. these are great. I really have to start doing this.
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