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Need a lens

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by turbo328is, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Alright, I may be asking a lot here but here is my situation. I'm in Iraq now and I'm going to Italy for vacation for 2 weeksion about 17 days. I currently have a Nikon D60 with an 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 VR. I'm not very happy with either. It may be the wheather out here, the dust the sand who knows but the camera is not doing what I want so i'm looking to buy a new camera and lens. I have picked out the D300 and am wanting a 2.8 lens for it. My total budget is about $1900. I have found the camera body for $1500 so that leaves ~$400 for the lens. Is there anything that would be worth it to buy in that price range, for a 2 week trip in Europe?
  2. Tamron 17-50
    Sigma 18-50 HSM
    Tamron 28-75
    Sigma 24-70

    All good lenses in your price range.
  3. What is the better range? I have an 18-55 and an 18-200 now, the 18 wide, am a missing a lot going with the 24mm or 28mm, that i wouldn't gain in the 70mm or 75mm range. If that makes sense? Im looking for some zoom, but i don't want to give up too much on the wide angel side either...I'm asking a lot i know and its becasue I'm a noob
  4. It seems from your post that your D60 isn't working properly? Too bad, because I would have suggested keeping the D60 and look for an appropriate lens(es) for your trip.

    I found a very fast prime to be extremely beneficial for all the inside shots and low light shots outside. Just something to consider....
  5. This is the situation. I am in iraq like i said. I have a warranty on the camera that will replace it, BUT i have 17 days before i leave for the vacation and i need the camera. im going to buy the new one to have for the trip and exchange the other one, have it sent here as a brand new camera and sell it to somone here. So im not out the camera, or the money i paid.
  6. JohnK


    Aug 6, 2006
    Pacific NW
    You can crop in to make up for the difference between 55 and 75mm, but you can't 'fake' going wider. I would get the 17-50mm Tamron over the 28-75mm Tamron (which I have).

    I found the difference between 18mm and 28mm to be huge, I think going to Italy you're likely to want wider angle shots, landscapes, buildings, inside churches and so on and would find the 18mm end much more useful than the 75mm end.

    Have fun on your trip.
  7. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you. I hope to have a good trip and hope to be sharing with you what i saw
  8. So i can expect to see better results with the 2.8 then i would of either of my 3.5-5.6 lenses? i don't want to buy somethitng im going to want to replace later. If i have to buy another lens that covers another range thats fine, but i hate buying things more than once.

  9. Now that you're moving up to the d300, you can use non-AFS primes. The forum favorites are the 35/2, 50/1.4, and 85/1.8.
  10. that info is up here

    and im down here....???
  11. bigshot


    Aug 17, 2008
    Hollywood, USA
    I wouldn't suggest primes for a vacation trip. You need as much versatility as possible when you're on the road. I second the recommendation of getting a zoom that goes down to 17 or 18mm.
  12. ok looking at it closer you mean 35 mm f2, 5mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8. I wold have to say im looking for the sharpest picture, in an all around lens for this price range. Like i said befoer I may be asking for too much, but I don't need crazy zoom nor crazy wide angle. middle of the road. I can see the lens is pretty important, so im going to order the body now and the lens when i have gathered more input. I have read review after review on the lenses suggested and i have seen a lot of good and the here and ther ebad, which worries me. I am most worried that I'm never going to get the chance to take these picture again, and I want THE BEST, who wouldn't. (while at the same time learning, reading and taking as many pictures as i can)
  13. He's already got an 18-55. The 35/2, 50/1.4, or 85/1.8 would give him a fast lens to complement it, and these primes deliver a level of image quality no $400 zoom can match. Imho.
  14. the 18-55 3.5-5.6 is the kit lens from the d60 and is getting returend with the camera
  15. My personal favorite is the 35/2. Affordable, lightweight, fast, and extremely versatile. I use mine for everything from landscapes...

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    to portraits...

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    to closeups and pseudo macros.

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  16. Thanks for all the input, its been a great learning. Its late here and i need to get up early plus there is football on. I will read tomorrow what everyone has to say.
  17. bigshot


    Aug 17, 2008
    Hollywood, USA
    That is a great travel lens. I have one of those myself. It's lightweight and small. That and my 18-200 VR are my favorite lenses for all-around use. If I was going to put together a minimal travel kit that covers all bases, I would take (in this order of priority) the 18-200 VR as an all around lens, an ultra wide 12-24 for landscapes and architecture, and a normal fast prime for low light.

    Sharpness is overstated on internet boards. Having the lens that works best in the situation you find yourself in is a million times more important than having one that is marginally sharper if you blow your picture up to three feet across. On a vacation, you don't want to be popping primes on and off for each shot. You want a zoom that covers the whole range, so you can spend your time shooting, not switching lenses and schlepping camera bags around.

    Just about any reasonably good modern zoom lens is capable of taking high quality images. The trick is having one that fits the situation you're in at the time. The highest quality lens with the wrong aperture or wrong focal length will take lousy pictures more often than a typical modern zoom lens with the right qualifications.

    See ya
  18. Yes, you will see better results and be able to use your lenses in situations with lower light with a maximum aperture of 2.8 over a lens with a mximum aperture in the 3.5-5.6 range. Also, typically, lenses that have constant apertures throughout their entire zoom range are better than those with variable apertures. Typically.
  19. If you were going anywhere but Iraq, I'd suggest the 35-70. Not quite as wide, but a stellar performer for the $$$. Unfortunately, it's a push-pull zoom, which could turn into a vacuum in the desert.
  20. ok, so i think i have decided on the Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM. It is wide like was suggested, its f2.8 and Macro. What is your input on this lens?
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