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Need advice for my China trip

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StL_Don, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. I know that in the end I have to make the decisions, but I am very interested what the Café members think I should do.
    I will be going all over China, from Hong Kong to Beijing.
    Details here
    First off, here is what I have to work with (I've left off 'no-way' items like the 300 2.8):
    70-300 Sigma
    50 1.8 AF
    85 1.8 AF
    24 2.8 MF
    35 2.0 MF
    105 2.5 MF
    135 2.8 MF

    I need to travel fairly light due to Chinese airline restrictions. I'm a quality freak, the 18-70 and 24-120 seldom get used at home but they seem to make great sense for this trip. In fact, a sane person would take just the
    12-24 and 24-120 and be happy. But doesn't just that fact that I'm here asking similarly sanity challenged people's advice remove me from the sane column?
    I'll feel absolutely naked w/o the 70-200 but I'm guessing that I won't have a lot of use for it. Its size and weight would displace two of the other lenses.

    The 12-24 is a no-brainer, it is already packed.
    If I leave the 17-55 at home am I going to wonder how much "better" my photos could have been?

    Arrrgh! Maybe I should just do as I used to and just take a CoolPix!

    Thanks for you insight and advice. If you endured this post a couple weeks ago on DPR... sorry for putting you through it again.

  2. Just my opinion:

    D2x (or D70)
    50 1.8 AF

    Covers 12-200 + low light and would still fit in a Domke F2, a light tripod could be handy, too.

    Have fun on the trip! I envy you!

    BTW you might wan't to contact Justin (TKO), he's living in Bejing!
  3. I agree with MCS. I just took a trip to Italy and that is almost exactly what I took except I didn't have the 50mm 1.8. I was able to capture all the images I wanted, both inside and out. It may require some creative bracing while taking some inside images.
  4. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    MCS nailed it. My choice exactly.
  5. Don't forget about a small tripod
    or at least a monopod.

  6. One other thing! Use a shoulder bag instead of
    a backpack. Backpacks are too easy to pickpocket
    in a crowd. Keep your shoulder strap bag over the
    opposite shoulder and never keep your camera around
    your neck. If someone tries to take your camera when
    it is around your neck they will drop you on the ground
    face first if it is around your neck. And think about putting
    some black tape over the word Nikon on your camera and
    lenses. Remember, your camera is worth more than most
    people over in China make in a year. And 1 more thing
    get rid of the Nikon strap. ( Travel Tips )

    But have fun!

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, 2005
  7. You may also want to consider a pacsafe bag protector
    to lock up your bag when you leave it in the room. It is
    a stainless steel mesh net that goes around your bag and
    locks. Preventing anyone from getting into your expensive
    camera case. I have locked my bag to the bedframe before,
    Or when traveling on a train etc.. It allows you to put your
    bag in the overhead and lock it to the overhead, so you don't
    have to worry about it. ( Just more third world travelling with
    a camera tips )


  8. I'm having a similar problem. I will be doing some traveling including Miami and Boston. I don't want to overpack but I have always wanted the lens I left behind. I don't know exactly what I will be shooting so I want to be able to deal with what ever comes my way.

    I have decided to carry a D2x, a 10.5mm, a 12-24mm, a 17-55mm, a 70-200mm, a TC17, SB800, Epson P2000, CP filter, monopod two Cam batteries, two Epson batteries, 8 AA batteries for flash, plus rechargers for all three plus a cell phone, Ipod and Powerbook.

    I think I may eliminate either the 10.5 or the 12-24. I think if I want to go wider than the 17-55, I will probably want to go very wide, so the 10.5 may be better for this type trip. Or perhaps bring the 12-24 and leave the 10.5 and the 17-55. I hate chosing, but the weight and lens changes can be overwhelming and I am not as young as I used to be.

    Would enjoy hearing opinions. I know most of us here have been down this road at one time or another.
  9. I make such decisions based on how much attention I can actually put towards photography. Even the, I try to limit myself to two lenses.

    For a trip like that, if you are primarly going to be seeing (and photographing) whatever you can, I'd still try to limit it to what you can readily carry around with you wherever you go.

    And while I am large myself, I wouldn't want to tolerate more than about 10 or 15 pounds of gear.
  10. Hey there! You're going to love China for the photographic oppurtunities abound here.

    I think Michael (mcs) has nailed what you need as far as equipment is concerned.

    I'd like to bring up your storage though. You will be taking A LOT of pictures here. Bring lot of Compact Flash cards. Also - how will you store your images once you've filled up the cards? A portable hard disk is recommended. It might comfort you a little to know, however, that there are many places to burn CD's.

    I've checked the link you provided and have checked out your itenirary. It's going to be a hell of a trip! I've been to most of those places...so if you have any specific questions about locations then don't hesitate to ask.
  11. Thanks for all the advice

    Hopefully I won't regret this, but the 70-200 is going to stay at home.
    I've decided that the weight of the 70-200 will be better spent on the D70 as a backup or lightweight alternative to the D2x.

    My kit at this point (I still have several hours to change my mind) will be
    10 gig worth of cards
    Laptop - wife will be toting that :) 

    The 24-120 will give me some tele capability.

  12. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    Hmmm. Methinks you will regret it. That is a lens I never leave at home. It's that good.
  13. I think you should leave the D70 at home and take the lens. Or just leave both of them home. If it was me I'd take as little as possible. You're going to be tired.
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